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Navigating Doubt, Embodying Confidence, and Mastering the Art of Giving and Receiving 

In this insightful blog and podcast episode, Josie opens up about the challenges of running a business and the journey from doubt to confidence. She offers practical tips, including the transformative practices of Yoga Nidra, breath awareness, and mantra meditation to reconnect to our sense of self and value. Dive into the importance of being part of a supportive community and learn to embrace the impermanence of success and failure. Your path to lasting success begins here.

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Our Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you for today's Rise class - it was absolutely brilliant!  Your way of teaching is so good, and I feel that I'm getting deeper into all the poses as a result. Also, I've never particularly liked bow pose before, but today it felt amazing!
Class today was lovely, although challenging, as always, especially the balancing! I am happy to say that I can feel improvement both in my spirit and my mobility over this past year. I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the effort you put in to teaching this old dog new tricks!
Yoga Local has been so warm and welcoming from the very first time I walked through the door to enquire about joining. In the relatively short time I have been going I have already learned so much and had other people notice a positive change in me. I can't recommend Yoga Local enough.
I’m already a huge fan of YogaLocal after such a short time of joining. Starting my Yoga journey after injury, this place is seriously amazing.
The studio is a real haven of tranquillity. Josie is patient and knowledgeable in all things hatha yoga. A lovely place to spend time and journey forward in my practice.
I've been visiting Yoga Local for over a year and it's a great place to visit both for the yoga and also as a space to enjoy peace and connecting with fellow yogis. They do a fab coffee and there's a nice space to sit and chat. And the yoga itself is really well taught by Josie and her daughter Alison.
As a total beginner I really didn't know what to expect. However, every step of this journey has been so supported by Josie and Alison. It is a warm friendly environment and the yoga tuiton is great. I'm about 8 weeks in now and hooked. I would totally recommend Yoga Local Wellingborough with Josie and Alison.
A wonderful studio space exuding peace to maximise your experience. Great range of classes to suit all levels from complete beginners to life long practitioners. Teachers are extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. Highly recommended!
This has been an eye opening course about what yoga is and isn't, it has been calming, informative and educational, anyone can do yoga, and Josie shows you how, she teaches you to be present and not to just go through the motions, it's not about being flexible but about self discovery.
Yoga Local has been so warm and welcoming from the very first time I walked through the door to enquire about joining. They offer a Beginner's Course, which has been amazing. It's taken me through the first steps of practicing yoga and given me the confidence to continue my journey.