# 1 THE YOGA LOCAL Podcast | Sadhana – What You Need is a Plan.

Routine, habits and working in a systematic way to move you towards your goals (spiritual, physical or otherwise) is the topic of this week’s podcast.

And it kind of relates to what’s playing out for me in my yoga business right now. If you go through my archives you’ll notice I was podcasting well before I opened the physical studio space 18 months ago and it got sidelined as other areas of the business naturally took priority.

Honestly, other areas of my life continue to take priority and quite frankly unless I find the space, create the habits and make systematic steps, it’s unlikely that picture will change any time soon.

So, I decided to just start. To just greet the moment. And do something towards making it happen. And hey presto here’s the outcome of that choice.

It’s not perfect, it’s not how I ultimately want my podcasting endeavours to go. There’s no fancy marketing, editing or production. It’s just me sat down in the studio with a microphone, sharing ideas around yoga and wellbeing and inviting others (that’s you by the way) to join the conversation.

Could it be better. Yes.

Is it better done than perfect. Yes.

If I’d waited for perfect (timing, skills) would we be having this chat? No.

So take a listen and consider all those things that you are not making a priority right now, but you know you want to be doin.

Can you..

  1. Find space to make that first step?
  2. Choose the behaviour that gives you permission to greet the moment as it is, not how you wish it could be in an ideal world?
  3. Do one thing that will  give you evidence that you made a start?(Right the first line of your book, fill a glass with water and hydrate your body, sign up for that yoga class – you get the idea).
  4. Let go of perfection?
  5. Repeat this system over and over?




Creating a plan that combines self-study and meaning to take care of your inner self and then carrying out that plan in a systematic way is called Kriya Yoga.
With this kind of yoga you start from wherever you are , and make one small step at a time, whether your mind is focused or distracted, towards your goal. You assess your current ability to be present and work with that. By simply paying attention we become aware of what is serving us (habits, actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions) and what isn’t and use that to bring us closer to who, or what or how we want to be, think, feel, or show up in the world.

Through January 2021 myself and the teaching team here at the Yoga Local Studio will be supporting and guiding you through these idea and concepts and in particular helping us all find the discipline and dedicated practices that will help us all #takecare of our Selves throughout 2021.

If you want to join us, sign up and make the commitment to start from wherever you are, and make those small steps, one at a time, to reach the goal you seek.


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I’ve also created a workbook that uses many yoga concepts and practices to help us find health and wellbeing during lockdown.

You can sign up and begin your Week 1 plan here.

It’s totally FREE for all four weeks, with no commitment to joining us in an actual yoga class (although you’d be most welcome!).


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See you next time.

Josie XX