#2 Yogis-In-Business. Birthing Baby & Business

…with Suzy Sanders of Admin Angels.

EVERYTHING changes when you become a mum. That’s how the story goes right?

Well that’s most definitely the story of this week’s Yogis-In-Business guest, Suzy Sanders, who happily paints the day she ‘hypnobirthed’ her son into world as ‘amazing’ and an experience that left her feeling ‘limitless’.

So much so, when she found herself back under the fluorescent lights of her day job as an Executive Assistant she knew she had the strength to challenge what she now wanted from life. (And being sat in the concrete office building she worked at wasn’t it, quite frankly 😉).

So, come and join us in this week’s podcast episode to hear Suzy talk of the heart break she felt when she had to leave her son Rex to return to a job she no longer found fulfilling.

Hear how motherhood empowered Suzy to take the plunge and build a business that would win her time back with her family… and how she’s now helping her clients do the same.

Tune in… (grab a coffee, go for a walk, go out and do some errands). The beauty of a podcast is you can listen anytime, anywhere… so what are you waiting for?

Show Timeline

  • [0:33] All about Northamptonshire-based Admin Angels and how it started as a side hustle.
  • [3:00] How hypnobirthing her son Rex left her feeling limitless.
  • [3:31] How she went on to use affirmations in her business and her life.
  • [3:39] Suzy’s take on why self-care is so important.
  • [4:00] How she deals with monkeys on the back and why she believes you don’t have to kill yourself to make yourself a success.
  • [6:00] Using declarations to get into the right mind-set. You got this?
  • [8:37] How fear and overwhelm translates into Suzy’s world as negative self-talk and self-doubt.
  • [9:10] When withdrawing can be a positive move.
  • [10:45] Suzy’s Yoga Practice. What it looks like.
  • [13:20] Finding what works for you.
  • [14:35] Asking what do I need today? Not just for mat time!
  • 16:00] How yoga puts Suzy in the best place to meditate and how she’s working on clearing out her mental debris.
  • [17:35] How you have to push through self-doubt in business and the not ‘good enough’.
  • [19:15] The pay-off of a flexible lifestyle that she didn’t get with having a corporate job.
  • [20:00] Technology-free boundary setting and not taking emails in family time.
  • [21:00] How waking up without an alarm works for Suzy.
  • [23:00] Suzy’s Routine. How she takes breaks, plans meals and fits in family time.
  • [25:00] All about taking risks in business.
  • [27:20] What is a VA?
  • [28:00] How getting help is not always about making more money. It’s about getting time back for your family.
  • [28:40] Lightening Round Questions.



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1. Feel the fear and do It anyway, Susan Jeffers.

2. Complete Buddhism for Mothers, Sarah Napthali

3. E-Myth, Michael, E. Gerber





I hope you enjoyed this episode. For more on how the practice of yoga can help you live the life you love, whether that’s running a business, running a marathon, or evening running your home, hang out at my website www.yogalocal.co.uk or leave me your email to get news of upcoming blogs, articles and interviews straight to your inbox.

See you next time.

Josie XX