Beginners’ top 5 yoga nightmares put to bed.

Ever noticed how your emotions can hold you hostage in your life?  As it’s Halloween, I invite you to take on one of the biggies. FEAR.

It’s natural to respond to fear by running away from it, hiding from it, dodging it. All great tactics if the fear is in response to a real threat to your life. But often, let’s take a reality check… it’s really not. What you’re experiencing is just an uncomfortable emotion that’s bubbled up because of a need that’s not being met. In this case, your need to feel safe.

So ask yourself, could you be allowing your emotions to deny you an experience that could lead to your growth or even reaching your full potential? The moment you restrict yourself to only ‘safe places’ is the moment you stop living. Soul death…a life unfulfilled… now that’s scary. Isn’t it? Keep reading…

Do you tell yourself you can’t do yoga? And could this be the reason why?

Teaching yoga to beginners is not easy.

This is not a complaint by the way. Introducing yoga to first timers is very cool. I’m just saying – it’s not simple.

Here’s the why.

Beginners don’t know what feels right yet, take longer to follow cues and may push beyond their limits too soon. There’s a risk they’ll do something the body is not ready for so they need extra steps early on to get more aware of where their bodies are in time and space.

Some of us are not good at accepting it’s ok NOT to push for the full pose, to find our limit and step back from it. Even if our very skilled teacher reminds us… repeatedly. It takes a while. And that’s ok.

But the problem remains. One of two things will happen when fledgling first timers land in a class of seasoned regulars at a typical ‘All Levels’ class…