Pamper and Yoga

Good Beyond Beauty

Who doesn’t want a good beauty brand that makes products that work whilst also being ethical?

Here at Yoga Local we love our organic and natural products – from the coffee we brew to the essential oils we sell. One thing we believe to be very important is what you use on your skin! Tropic is a skincare brand that Josie has been working with for years now which she loves because of the meaning behind the brand as well as the wonders it works for your skin.

Sound Healing Meditation

Vibration Stimulation!

Have you experienced the Yoga Gong and Sound class yet? If you haven’t, give it a bash!

It’s clear that introducing a Gong to the studio allows for a brilliantly immersive yoga experience, but what are the actual benefits?

This sound healing practice has different effects depending on the type of gong used. Our studio gong is a Mercury Planetary gong and is said to create strong connective power.