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Exciting news. I’m really, really close to wrapping up the details on a long-awaited extra yoga programme I’ve been working on since completing a five-day intensive specialised course, Yoga for Sports Training, with Jim Harrington (Australian coach to the Indian National Cricket Team).

Jim and me

This new yoga series will be entirely focused on a Yoga for Sport practice, offering physical postures and yoga tools that are most versatile and useful for a range of athletes – runners, swimmers, cyclists, but also rugby players, surfers, footballers, cricket etc.
It will run over five weeks at a new venue to be announced real soon.

In it I will take you through all the ways yoga can:

  1. Optimise recovery.
  2. Reduce injury in your sport and help with rehab.
  3. Build power, flexibility and strength using poses designed around specific sports movement patterns.
  4. Build core consciousness.
  5. Offer a mental break from training.
  6. Improve your range of motion.
  7. Give you the edge in your training.

It’s a progressive course that will show exactly how yoga can be adapted for any sport and help you (as Yogi’s-In-Training) maintain a body that can stay at its peak for longer, play for longer and spend less time on the sidelines.

HOWEVER. I need some help. Before I finalise everything and post out more details I need to make sure I have covered everything.
That is where you come in, if you can. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there is only one thing I want to ask you. It takes a minute, literally.

Take this link here.

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