3 Big Yoga Mistakes When Choosing A Studio

Big Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Studio

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What big mistakes could you fall into when choosing a studio, teacher or place to practice?

I know when I first tried Yoga I was afraid I’d be in a room with ‘a different type of person’ somehow. I think that’s normal!

When you’re not familiar with something, it can all feel – well weird. And trust me, the more you get into Yoga, the weirder it gets. But you kind of have to get used to that.

Yogis are explorers of new territories and undiscovered parts of themselves and their nature.  (Was that weird I said that?)

Ha Ha.. but think about it. It’s only because on some level we mistrust or fear what we aren’t sure of, and some fear can keep us safe. But quite often it keeps us stuck.

For some of it’s enough to not even go there – even if it’s exactly what we know we need.

So my first big mistake to avoid when choosing a place to practice is this.

Not doing your research.

I’m assuming if you’re looking for a studio or place to practice, something on some level is wisely edging you to at least try Yoga even if you’re not sure what that means or if it’s ‘for you’.

However, to not do your homework could cost you. Not so much financial cost. But more the cost of writing off Yoga as something that’s ‘not for me’. And that cost is quite frankly HUGE!

A simple solution? Try before you buy.

Studios and teachers are different, sometimes completely (I’m sorry it’s confusing – the industry needs to work on that). But that just means doing your research is even more important.

Our studio is about removing anything that’s coming between you and a committed practice that delivers results – so we offer a two-week unlimited access pass to anyone new who wants to check out what we do and how we do it. It’s £20 – less than the cost of two classes! If you don’t feel aligned with our values or what we teach – your investment has been low.

You can also check us out for free inside our APP. We love going the EXTRA! But not everyone is!

The key thing is research. What is a studio or teacher doing to support your desire to explore this tradition from the ground up. What’s the structure, what’s the framework, what’s the mission.

Research, research, research – and then do a test run.

Choosing convenience

What do we do when we look for anything? Google it! But is that search limiting your options?

Convenience is great because we think we will show up more if it’s handy. Frankly, we need to uplevel our requirements. As we talked about in mistake number 1, what’s more important is to choose a studio that you love, fits your needs and can deliver on the promise of Yoga as a practice. Don’t settle for a studio just because it’s close to your home or work. Consider factors such as the type of yoga offered, the expertise of the instructors, the atmosphere, and the community.

A lot of places in my town take so long to get to because of traffic, I’d rather take a longer trip out of town – and probably get there just as quick and less stressed.

Then there’s the parking! Listen – remove the obstacles!

You’re more likely to go if it’s not a struggle and you actually just can’t wait to get there because you LOVE the place you have chosen to spend your precious time at – not just because it’s handy.

Not considering the schedule

Make sure the studio you choose has class times that work for you. If you can’t find a time that fits your schedule, you may be less likely to practice consistently – which is not what we want for you because that’s not going to get you to where you want to be.

So first of all look for studios that offer a variety of class times to accommodate different schedules.

At our studio we’re all over helping you to practice consistently, so we’ve got your covered.

We are open 6 days a week, and offer classes that meet practitioners at every stage of the Hatha Yoga path, including a preparation stage which includes a Beginner Course and a Restorative Class.

Can’t make it to the studio, babysitter didn’t show? No problem! Nearly all our classes are streamed LIVE online.

And if that’s not enough, we post on-demand classes inside our app almost every week, so catching up with a practice anytime, anywhere is not a problem. (Do you get how much we want you to be able to get your practice in?) J

If you still need help or want to have a chat about whether Yoga Local is the place you want to practice we’d be happy to jump on a call with you. We’re confident in what we do and love finding members who love what we offer.