3 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable

Take Control Of Your Life!

"Accountability is the opportunity to live at choice rather than accidentally.”

In our asana practice this month we’re holding ourselves accountable. This is not something twee to throw into our scientifically constructed sequencing –  accountability is actually an aspect of the Sanskrit word Dharma. If we’re practicing Yoga, by default we’re holding ourselves accountable. If we’re not practicing – get accountable for that choice and don’t expect to evolve into your greatness anytime soon. You get to choose. Always.

Dharma is often translated as purpose or meaning and yoga teaches us that we all have a Dharma – a big ‘why?’ In Sanskrit the word ‘Mahad’ means great idea. We are, if you are working within the yoga worldview at least, all born with a Mahad a ‘great idea’ a soul purpose, a blueprint for our ultimate potential.

If that feels like a lot to take on, which it is, Dharma can be broken down into something more digestible. So if your mind is busy denying that you have any overarching purpose at all, reign it and and know Dharma can also be translated as making choices that are the best of what is best for everyone concerned in the moment.

Dharma and being accountable

Dharma is about taking accountability and responsibility. Being accountable and therefore more able to respond more artfully to…

  1. How am I reacting? Is it conducive to Dharma (my big idea, and or the greater good of everyone?).
  2. Do I need to react in this way? Could I take a more spacious point of view and look to see where my attention is most needed?
  3. Where is my attention, effort and focus most beneficial in this moment ? And can I apply this with love and humility?

Accountability is a clear path forward to participation in life like everything you do matters and makes a difference.

How to be accountable in practice?

We’re working within the three stages of Tantra Hatha Yoga to bring you three ways to explore accountability:

Anchor (Stage 1 Moon Practice)


Be accountable for your emotions. Energy is motion, and emotion is your purpose trying to get your attention. So understand the emotions you want to feel and set goals to produce feelings. Make choices, slow down listen, the clues are there.

Rise (Stage 2 Sun Practice)

Be accountable for your heart – and follow it, even when people think you are crazy. Your heart will create the proper beliefs for living your purpose. Your positive example, coming alive to your life’s purpose and living is what will inspire others to find theirs.

Energise (Stage 3 Fire Practice
Be accountable for your own journey. This means co-creating your experience and actively uniting the solar and lunar forces to propel you on the path and accelerate growth healthily and sustainably.