3 yogi things to know for energy, flow and mojo.

Greetings yogi lovely. How’s your energy today?

You ever question why some days you wake up like a frickin Duracell bunny and rock a whole day with energy left to burn. Others you get to breakfast, clean your teeth and you’re done already? Maybe you’re done before that. :Hands In Head:

Not to worry my yogi friend. I’m here to tell you Yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda, has some answers but first here are three things to wrap your head around. Take a deep yoga breath…it’s a little heady.


  1. NEED TO KNOW ONE. Your body, the world and everything is not material.

Oh dear! What? You heard me. Keep with this.

That’s what your human sensory equipment tells you of course, but science has now caught up with the ancient sages who had this down 5,000 years ago. It blows my mind that these guys knew what quantum scientists today now support, which is that the essential raw material of our universe is energy and information. That’s it – we are all the same essential stuff flying out of a quantum field as sub atomic particles that somehow intelligently come together at lightening speeds to create us and our touchy, feely, solid world.

Are you with me? Just consider this because one small shift in how you understand the nature of who you are and the world is exciting for how you get to influence your health and how you feel.


  1. NEED TO KNOW TWO. Your body is not fixed or stuck, it’s constantly transforming.

Wow, so you are essentially energy information that’s moving in dynamic exchange with everything in the universe. Who knew.? Seriously though, what does that tell you? What you may be able to consider is that your hard edges, flesh and bone body is just one superficial layer of your reality and there’s so much more to play with.

It should tell you that to create real health and wellbeing you need to be looking at more than just making changes to your physical body.


  1. NEED TO KNOW THREE. We are multi-dimensional beings.

Helping you discover yourself as more than just a physical machine that has thoughts, feelings and ideas is a lot to cover in a blog. But if you are still with me, maybe something here rings true. (That’s your soul by the way- say hi). And maybe you want to find out what’s to be gained with this knowledge?

Do you want to know more?

Great, because it’s a game changer when you do.

Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation are ancient wisdom traditions and tools to help you connect with more subtle layers of your nature and help you become more intimate with who you really are and what the heck is influencing how you feel energetically in your day to day life.

Things like:

  1. The energy and information of your environment – the seasons, time of day the quality of the air, water.
  2. The energy and information of your relationships – loving and nurturing or toxic and draining.
  3. The energy and information of your food – do you have healthy, nourishing eating habits or not?
  4. The energy and information of your physical body –  strong and aligned or weak and unbalanced
  5. The energy and information of your thoughts – positive and self-supporting or negative and unforgiving.

Think about it. Everything is energy and information and you let it all in through your sensory gateways. The eyes, mouth, nose, skin, and ears.

What you choose to watch, listen to, taste, touch, and smell has an influence on how you feel. So, on those mornings you want to pull the duvet back over your head, ask yourself, what have you been fuelling your Self with?

Keep mediating, do yoga my friends and you get the awareness you need to influence your health and wellbeing in a whole new way – every day. No boom, no bust. When you become a conscious choice maker It just makes no sense not to.

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I hope you have a wonderful energy-fuelled week.

Namaste J