#3 Yogis In Business. The ART of Remembering

…with Northamptonshire Landscape Artist, Sara Penrose.

Ever been terrified of ‘going for it’ in your business?🙀 Yeah me too, frequently. But, designing uncertainty into your world is key to keeping it fresh. In fact, I learned from one mentor, Mastin Kipp, that the quality of your life is DIRECTLY related to how much uncertainty you can comfortably live with.

In this episode of Yogis-in-Business I talk to Sara Penrose (pictured), who found herself at the start of her entrepreneurial journey terrified about trading in the life she’d successfully built in chemical engineering to follow her passion for art.

Northamptonshire Landscape Artist Sara Penrose

With nothing to sell, no message, no portfolio she feared the nay sayers and doubters were probably right, she was (in her words) an idiot.

But she took the leap and did it anyway. Go Sara! Right? Find out how that decision panned out and how yoga connected her with the bigger picture in this episode of Yogis-in-Business.



Show Timeline

[00:17] Sara’s massive leap of faith into the unknown.

[03:00] Science and art – two ways of understanding the world with different tools.

[04:28] Why art took its turn in Sara’s career timetable.

[6:15] Was her bold move ‘idiotic’?

[7:26] The lie she told to be accepted.

[9:00] How panic led her to look for income in ALL the wrong places.

[10:33] Yoga and the space it gave her to reflect on her core business strengths.

[12:48] Sara’s take on why we don’t take time to step back, even when it’s an easy win.

[14:48] Taking a step back from life and how it relates to art.

[15:50] The art of remembering.

[18:47] How Sara found her yoga (union) in art.

[19:00] What happens when you find your passion, strength and focus and how that draws business to you.

[21:38] How exercise is another way to stop, remove yourself from distractions and listen to your own advice (or failing that a mallet!)

[22:40] Coming back to your why and taking time to reflect on what you love about what you do.

[23:00] How it’s easy to lose yourself to other people but if you don’t give to yourself you can’t give to others.

[27:00] How Sara connects to her art and soul through her other love, Northamptonshire’s people and places.




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Josie XX