Yoga for Athletes | Class Takeaway


Hey there. I’m reporting from Starbucks (I was spotted by one of you – yes, this is where it all happens… (sometimes..and always with soy!) Anyways…as I said, I’m reporting on last night’s class. If you weren’t able to make it, check out what you missed with this FREE downloadable PDF.  (Breakdown also posted below)
If you were there, thanks for showing up. You really are making a smart move if you want your awesome active life to be that – active! So please use this added bonus to connect to your practice at home and in between your sessions in class for maximum benefits.


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Yoga Local Programme: YOGA FOR ATHLETES

Class: Focus on Run 30/4/18

Class covered:

  • How to use yoga to get more from your running workouts.
  • Tips on when to incorporate yoga
  • How to mix up intensity
  • How to bring balance back into your training
  • Hip mobilising and spine decompression techniques
  • Sun Salutation variations.
  • Quad, glute and lateral strength builders
  • Power sequence for rest days
  • Using static hamstring, glute and quad stretches for post hill and speed work
  • Meditation as a physical and mental break from training

Yoga Class Decoder:

  • Why yoga?Use yoga as a prehab avoid rehab. Achieve a normal level of mobility (super flexibility not as important as good range of motion). Improve strength, stability, coordination and proprioception. Prevent injury. Build awareness – respond to your needs, make choices that move training in an evolutionary direction.
  • What yoga?If you are training intensely or have injuries – gentle yoga, deep stretching that will restore muscles to resting length. If you want to build strength – focus on poses that use body weight and balance to build strength. Increase the challenge progressively. If you want to improve cardio, make your practice dynamic and fast flowing.
  • When yoga?Dynamically if muscles aren’t warm. Post run, static deep stretching to restore muscles to resting length. Meditate – to relax and optimise your recovery and be run-ready for the next training day.

Class Asana in Brief:

 Knee to chest,

Hip opener

Knee down twist

Sun Salutation Variations

Twisting lunge

Runners lunge

Crescent Lunge

Three-legged dog

Tree Pose

Scissor Fold

IT Band Lunge

Lateral Lunge

Lunging dips

Leaning Lunge

Leaning Warrior

Warrior 3

Triangle Variation

Savasana (Final rest/Mediation