# 7 YIB Podcast | Why are retreats good for you and your business?

Exhale to Inhale – featuring special guest Suzanne Peck of Homefield Grange Wellness Retreat and Spa

Why are retreats good for you and your business?
Wellness and self-care are just like any other investments. But if you question if it’s worth paying hard-earned cash for, let me help.

  • 1. What’s the cost to you, your business and the people who rely on its success if you’re not at your best physically, mentally or emotionally?
  • 2. If you checked in with your lifestyle habits and made regular improvements how much more energy would you have to serve at your best, how much more productive would you be?
  • 3. If you learned how to shop smarter, eat better, make more of your own meals in your own kitchen – how much money could you save on eating out or buying clothes to fit your ever-expanding waistline.
  • 4. Can you afford to be making frequent trips to your GP, hospitals, physios? What about the cost of pricey prescriptions and over the counter medicines?
  Homefield’s Suzanne Peck

Retreats are the topic of this week’s podcast which is sponsored by my upcoming event The Yogis In Business Work Shavasana. This event is a mini yoga and wellness retreat designed to help you stop, to become unstoppable. You’ll learn to meditate, do easy yoga, eat clean and get clear on your goals in this all-in-one workshop. It’s on Friday June 29 from 10am to 3pm in Great Houghton, Northamptonshire. And you can find out more here on my website, on the link in the resources below or over on Facebook.

But back to today’s podcast and guest, Director of Homefield Grange Wellness Retreat and Spa, Suzanne Peck.
Suzanne has joined me to not only share her own amazing and inspiring entrepreneurial journey from fitness instructor to retreat owner, but she’s also going to pass on some great wisdom on the art of ‘exhaling’ to ‘inhale’ and taking time out to reveal the ‘bigger picture’.

That’s me teaching yoga at Homefield.

So please, listen in and get an expert take on the expectation of multi-tasking, the conditioning of doing, doing, doing, the problem with people pleasing and so much more. You are going to love this…settle in, breathe and enjoy.

Don’t forget… the beauty of a podcast is you can listen anytime, anywhere… so what are you waiting for?
Here’s a glimpse of some of the stuff you won’t want to miss.

Show Timeline

[0:00] The Homefield Grange Story
[2:00] Suzanne’s first retreat
[3:00] Seven years later…
[4:31] The importance of immersion.
[6:00] What happens when you’re powered by passion
[9:00] Going ‘all in’. Making a gamble.
[11:30] The fear of living in regret.
[13:30] What happens when your ‘baby’ of a business grows arms and legs.
[14:15] Getting out of the weeds
[16:11] The benefits of a mentor and a dog!
[17:50] How a clean diet helps you cope with the challenges and demands of having a business.
[18:00] Yoga and other strategies for self-care. Why not to rely on the short-term fixes.
[19:00] What clean living looks like for Suzanne and the importance of mindful eating.
[21:30] A warning! When you can’t nourish yourself, you cannot sustain any vision for a business or being an entrepreneur.
[22:00] The expectation of multi-tasking and the conditioning of doing, doing, doing.
[22:52] The problem with people pleasing.
[25:00] Why retreat?
[29:00] Making the most of a retreat. The problem with over-connection.
[31:00] How often does Suzanne retreat?
[33:00] It’s the small things practiced daily that have the power.
[37:00] Lightening round questions. What’s Suzanne’s favourite self-care product


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See you next time.

Josie XX