#8 Yogis-In-Business | The Business in a Box.

An enterpreneur’s dream come true?

Featuring conscious skin care tips from Tropic Ambassador, Sam Cunningham. 

How’s this sound? Be your own boss, with a product or service you passionately believe in. You get to work your own hours, be supported by positive, uplifting people. And earn a great income on your own terms?

A tad far-fetched? Too good to be true?

That’s what we’ll be exploring in this week’s podcast with guest, Sam Cunningham, who told me it’s not only possible, it’s actually her dream come true. And it could be yours maybe?

Now Sam knows her stuff. She’s quite frankly no stranger to running a business. At 24 and newly-wed, she went all in with her husband as a Specsavers franchisee. But 20 years on, and that business successfully sold on – she’s begun following a new entrepreneurial passion. She’s an ambassador for the natural cruelty-free skin care range that I came across just recently, called Tropic.

Tropic Ambassador Sam Cunningham

Today’s podcast takes us on Sam’s self-made journey and she introduces us to a Social Selling Business Platform that is said to be empowering women all over the country to start their own business.

Keep listening to hear all about social selling, why and how to be more conscious when it comes to your skin care routine and learn more about the products that fired up Lord Alan Sugar enough to invest in the beauty business.

This one is indulgent…go on pamper yourself with a podcast…

See you in there.


[2:25] The Leap of Faith. Making quick decisions and listening to your dad.

[4.25] The test to relationships.

[5:25} How necessity and shared desire can drive success.

[7:00] It doesn’t have to be stressful, but self-care can slip.

[7:35] When something has to give.

[8:00] Sam’s decision to leave the business.

[8:30] The launch into skincare and the Tropics Social Selling proposition.

[9:25] How Susie Ma and Alan Sugar empower women to run their own business.

[10:25] Sam’s Sister in Law’s skin transformation.

[11:15] Being a Tropic Ambassador  – are you really running your own show?

[14:25] The business in a box idea.

[16:45] The Tropic product and it’s conscious credentials.

[19:25] Your skin and how it relates to your wellbeing.

[20:45] Sam’s advice on how we can all adopt a more conscious skin care routine.

[21:25] How to become a label detective. Cosmetic ingredients and the ones to watch.

[23:15] Past your sell by? Why shelf-life matters.

[24:25] Time to clean up your skin care? Here’s what you replace first.

[25:25] Skin care as self-care – not to mention caring for animals and the environment.

[26:45] Step into the sun. Your summer wellbeing sewn up.

[27:35] The chemical that is killing our ocean life.

[29:45] How a Tropic product helps you make the more conscious choice.

[32:00] Sam’s advice on how we can support a good skin care routine with other healthy habits.

[31:25] The Tropics product that delivers a shot of greens to your face.

[32:45] Back to becoming an ambassador. What’s it really like and the benefits? Aligning with your core values.

[35:45] Lightening round questions

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Josie XX