#9 Yogis-In-Business. Health before Wealth.

The money/happiness link with finance expert and business owner Cameron Waldron.

Let me start by saying I met Cameron at a business networking event. He’s a financial advisor,💵 owner of Northampton-based, New England Financial Services and, (sorry Cameron), but he was the absolute last bloke in a busy room of local business owners that I thought I’d connect with. I guess, there were no used car salesmen around that day. At least I don’t think there were…just kidding…but you get my drift.

And, oh, how lovely to be proved so, so wrong.

You see, Cameron isn’t like any finance guy that I’ve ever met (granted I’ve not met so many, but this is why I think so).

Cameron is a financial advisor who inspires his clients to find happiness before wealth. 👏 I know!!?

Don’t believe me? Check out his posts on Linked In… they’re great. One asks me if I’ve had my mushrooms, today he’s posting about National Fitness Day and how he loves to walk his dog 🐕. Every Monday he’s promoting mindfulness through his Mindful Monday posts and you’ll find him starting conversations on everything from music, to art, philosophy and observing habits. He is truly what I call a ‘Yogi-in-Business’, so I had to get him on this podcast obviously and find out more…

Whatever your financial picture, 💰you need to listen to this episode.

Don’t forget… the beauty of a podcast is you can listen anytime, anywhere… so go ahead and jump into the conversation.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the stuff you won’t want to miss.

Show Timeline

[0:00] Why finance and wellbeing are one and the same.

[1:00] Cameron’s life plan approach that works his clients towards happiness and personal wellbeing.

[2.00] Removing the stress from finances.

[3:00] Why Cameron’s less interested in your numbers and more interested in who you are, where you are, where you want to go and how you’re feeling.

[4:00] What working in HR taught Cameron about happy people being more effective at work, and how his love of psychology and experience in clinical hypnotherapy has overlapped into both his professional and personal life.

[7.00] The Attitudes to Happiness and Purpose Profile.

[9:00] How financial planning has changed his client’s lives.

[11:00] Cameron’s wellbeing practice, how mindfulness helps him and why it works.

[13:00] Going back to maths school, and how the greatest moment of his life was when calculus made sense.

[14:00] How every life experience creates your path.

[15:00] Cameron’s prickly take on working hours.

[19:00] Why you don’t have to have money to benefit from Cameron’s services.

[22:00] Finding flexibility within goal setting and working in partnership.

[23:00] Where are most people going wrong with their financial planning? And why it’s not their fault.

[25:00] Transforming wellbeing through finance.

[27:00] Turning a strong financial position into a fulfilling lifestyle plan.

[29:00] The privilege of taking people on a life journey.

[29:54] What to do if you’re struggling with financial planning. Forest bathing anyone?

[31:20] How Cameron’s happiest client lives on £12K a year.

[32:00] What it would cost you to buy your current state pension.

[35:00] Quick fire questions.




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