A Christmas Day Meditation Practice

A Christmas Day Meditation and Sacred Year-End Rituals

Hey Yogis. We’ve arrived on the eve of Christmas and first of all Happy Christmas and second of all I have a gift! Of course. (A FREE meditation) and opportunities to craft some year-end rituals that will help you to.

·      Let go of what you don’t need to hold on to – gracefully!

·      Reflect on your wins.

·      Create opportunities for rest and increased presence.

·      Vision you year ahead.


Letting Go Gracefully:

First up begin by acknowledging the importance of identifying and gracefully letting go of inconsequential matters. Energy, unprocessed, not dealt with, or supressed gets stored in the body. I’ve heard it called issues in the tissues – and you might be able to relate.

If you can’t let go of the big stuff, start with the small stuff. There is such pain and suffering in holding onto negative energy, and all the things left unsaid (or the things you wish you hadn’t said 😬).

Think about the energy that it takes to hang on to those unhelpful, intrusive thoughts and the massive power in releasing all that doesn’t serve you and enjoying a mind that’s more free and spacious. A mind with space for growth and transformation.

Remember a MOON Stage 1 Hatha practice that works with forward folds for inviting grounding energies and/or twists for activating our processing powers is perfect for this.

Celebrate the wins:

When we’re skilful and mastering our minds, we can shift its power and focus to where we want it to be. So how about bringing your mind to some moments from the past year that make you feel proud. When we celebrate achievements, big or small, it fosters an inner environment (feelings) of self-appreciation.

The art of loving your Self rather than being at constant odds with your Self, requires remembering your innate goodness and yeah, greatness! If you like share you wins with me in the comment.

Invite More Space.

We get it, it’s busy at Christmas. But there are ways to build peace and space into your festivities. Skipping your practice – trust me, it’s counter-intuitive. Your practice gives you the focus, presence, and energy to fully appreciate the time you have crafted for yourself and maybe family, friends and loved ones. Don’t waste that time in distraction and stress. If nothing else – use this FREE meditation Christmas morning and use it to get you on the right energetic frequency for a tone and quality of presence that you can filter into the rest of your day.

Vision the Year Ahead.

Close your eyes and briefly connect to the vision you have for 2024. What are you doing, achieving, where are you going. Who are you becoming? When you actively bring your aspirations and intentions into the foreground, the less you’ll get steered into activities, energies and choices that are out of alignment with those goals.


OK so I promised you a FREE meditation so here it comes. Happy Christmas my lovely yogi friends, now it’s over to you!