A Meaningful Yoga Practice

Meaningful Yoga

It’s not enough to just come to class and do some poses. Without bringing meaning, intention and direction to our practice, we can’t evolve and grow. We need a meaningful Yoga practice.

If you really want to make a change through your Yoga practice, you need the meaning that comes with the Hatha Yoga tradition. Practicing this way gives us a framework to follow that leads us to true inner growth, and self-power.


How The Tradition Brings Meaning

No class is random. When creating a class every pose, breath, meditation etc has a reason, and they work together to reach a specific outcome. When working this way, we always have a direction for our practice. Something to work towards, that will ulitmately lead us to a better version of ourselves.

The Hatha Yoga tradition works with 5 forces known as ‘Vayus’ to give each practice a meaning, by creating an energetic goal to work towards. These Vayus are called Apana, Samana, Pran, Vyana and Udana.

Every class we create is sequenced around one of these Vayus, therefore every class has a direction for you to work towards. This goal may be to ground the mind, stabilise the body, connect to your inner-self…



The Meaning Behind The Vayus

meaningful yoga

Each of these Vayus work to concentrate and direct your energy in different ways, and the way this is done is what leads to the energetic effect we are trying to reach. Each Vayu has a different goal, and they are all used to reach a specific state of mind.

Apana Vayu

The downwards moving, grounding, stabilising energy that we cultivate through bringing our awareness to the pelvic area. Great for people with a busy mind, anxiety, stress or anyone looking for a bit of grounding.

Samana Vayu
The balancing, assimilating, equalising energy culivated from awareness at the navel centre. This Vayu is perfect for everyone. It brings back balance and will bring harmony back to anyone who is stuck in one energetic influence.
Pran Vayu
This is an inwards and upwards movement of energy at the chest. It brings vibrancy to the heart space, great for anyone looking to focus on being open and compassionate. It also deepens our capacity to take life in, and direct our energy.
Vyana Vayu
The expansive and ever-moving energy that flows through the whole body. It opens up areas of the body we have lost touch with, by removing energy blockages and allowing all energy to flow freely. This Vayu will expand the reach of your energy and get you back in touch with some dormant areas of the body.
Udana Vayu
The upward moving energy that guides us out of the physical and beyond the mind when we are ready. It is also responsible for our self-expression, speech and personal growth. Perfect for lifting your confidence and taking you to a place where you can express yourself fully and become a better version of yourself.

How We Incorporate The Traditional Teachings

Check out our latest podcast where Josie (owner and teacher at YL) talks about how we are creating meaningful Yoga classes. And how our class structure can help you bring intention to each practice you do, leaving you feeling miles better after. 

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