About Us



Curious souls who feel off track, out of balance in mind, body and spirit. People who, challenged by a significant life change, or event (whether that’s a health challenge, injury, job loss, leaving home, etc.), find themselves out of rhythm or harmony with life. People who maybe struggle with consistency and distraction and are looking to build a complete, scientifically sound and sustainable Yoga practice they can turn to every day.


  • Create the discipline and routines needed to both carve out and commit to the time it takes us to practice Yoga.
  • Understand our constitutional types so we can choose the right kind of Yoga postures or meditation practices that meet our individual needs.
  • Cultivate the mind-set and feeling of self-worth that will help us lock in consistent healthy habits and practices including but not limited to:
  1. a daily meditation practice we won’t want to miss
  2. a dedicated Yoga asana practice we can’t wait to gift our body every day
  3. breathing practices, to bring the energy that will get us to where we want to go.
  • Create a like-minded community of Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic practitioners who will  encourage each other to ask the important questions. So they can be curious and clear on what they want and how they want to show up for their one, glorious life.


  • All be free to live well and travel well in our bodies.
  • Navigate and bring peace to our mind and remove the obstacles that get in the way of living our lives to the full.
  • All reshape our identity if we choose and recraft and rebuild our dreams.
  • Adventure whole-heartedly into new things and new possibilities
  • Always find our way back to balance, whatever life throws at us, and maintain the energy to pursue a more meaningful, purpose-fuelled life.
  • Make sure we never forget who we are again and remember to always be in harmony with the greater universe we share, evolving not only for ourselves, but bringing benefits to all we share the world with.
Yoga Studio Owner

Yoga Studio Owner | Founder

Josie Steedman


Rise, Energise and Anchor (Hatha | Tantra Hatha Yoga Tradition)

For most of my life I’ve identified myself as a journalist (hack, writer, messenger – take your pick), but these days my heart is in the practice and science of yoga as a complete system for personal growth and expansion.

I’ve made some massive shifts in my life and my mission today is to help those souls who are ready to get curious about their own innate potential. 

Join me and the YL team for practice. Life’s about to get really interesting.

Yoga Studio Teacher

Charlie Carter


Train | Yoga for Men

Charlie first became aware of yoga in his late teens watching Yoga for Health by Richard Hittleman and Lyn Marshall on TV in the 70s. He even bought the book that accompanied the series. It cost him 10/- shillings. Charlie’s not stopped practicing since (in an ever-evolving way).  His roots are in both the Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga traditions and it’s his mission to help others develop their own practice appropriate to their individual needs. 

Yoga Studio Teacher

Olivia Hickman


Heal | Yoga and Gong

Olivia started her yoga journey 10 years ago in choregraphed yoga rhythm classes but following her own healing journey her love today is restorative yoga and sound healing. Expect a gentle and deep practice that will stretch you out and put your body into a state of ‘rest and digest’, where you can receive the healing and most nourishing aspects of the practice. 

Yoga Studio Assistant

Alison Steedman

Studio Assistant | Brew Bar Manager

…and best daughter in the world! Alison is currently training to be a Yoga Teacher but also supports our community here at Yoga Local by making sure we are regularly stocked with freshly roasted organic coffee, premium essential oils, yoga supplies, mats, blocks and blankets. She also manages and supports all our social life and extra curricular activity in the YL Hug club.