Change is normal. Have you got the memo on this yet my yogi friend 😉?
Yep! Here’s the deal.
If we resist what is, we suffer. If we forget what’s real and put our sense of stability on what’s not real, we suffer.

In December 2020 I blogged about how change illuminates’ character and how dealing with change reveals who you really are. (Go here for a refresh if you missed it).
Now, here we are in July 2021, and I’m pondering how it’s no wonder these yoga teachings, although thousands of years-old, still carry huge weight and relevance today.
Change is ALWAYS afoot, and our practice is the gift we’ve been blessed with, passed on and shared generously from teacher to teacher, student to student, as the antidote to the suffering life does and will bring.
So, are you ready for the opportunity to do some more work on suffering less and reaching deeper into that which doesn’t change, your true Self?  Are you up for connecting with the illumined, bright, all knowing part of you, consciousness itself and trusting in that – over the unreal, shape-shifting nature of the mind, body and all things external and worldly?
I’m imagining resounding cheers, whoops, and yes! Josie! So, I’ll go with that.
Let’s dig into the soothing balm of our practice… as we have some changes happening around here starting on July 19.


Class Sizes

We cannot wait to have more freedom as a studio ready to serve its community and teach more of you in class, ‘in person’.  Pre-restrictions we were welcoming up to 15 yogis to share the studio space , but my gut says it’s too early for those kind of numbers – so for now, we’ll be capping numbers at 10 people per class. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment but also be mindful not to hold onto a mat space that could be used by someone on the wait list – (remember you have 24 hours to cancel without forfeiting your class pass).
Of course our online option has become a new a faithful friend that we won’t be saying goodbye to anytime soon. So no immediate change happening here – you can still practice with us LIVE anytime, anyplace anywhere (with Zoom and a decent internet connection of course).


Masking Wearing

The moment we have been waiting for! Masks are no longer compulsory! So whatever you view is on mask wearing, from July 19 you will not be required to wear a mask here. It will be completely your decision. All we would ask is that you to be mindful of each other as some will be more comfortable than others when it comes to lifting the restrictions on masks.


Borrowing of Equipment

Before the pandemic we were able to offer FREE use of our mats, blocks, straps and bolsters to everyone. Now we can offer this to you once again! Of course you can still bring all of your own equipment along with you, but if you forget, can’t be bothered, haven’t got time to chuck it into the boot of your car, we’ve got you covered.And one last thing!


After weekend practice why not stretch-out your social muscles. We’d love you to hang around after class in our Brew Bar or in our new outdoor seated space to get to know the other yogis and unwind with a delicious organic coffee and a bliss ball.

That’s it for now – but trust in this! These won’t be the last changes you see around here for sure.

Let’s keep practicing and remember the true test of all this work we do in class is never about how flexible our body is, it’s about how artful we can be in dealing with all of life and its ever-changing nature.

See you in class.

Love with everything.
Josie X