Ayurveda | Balanced Living

Our Yoga practice is a very personal thing. It is the journey to the self. Uncovering who we are underneath all of the conditioned behaviour and emotional blockages that come with life. 

Ayurveda Detox

It is a brave thing to do, to search through all of the areas of your mind and release this built up toxicity. It’s brave and it’s worth it as it leads us to our inner power!

Purify Your Physical Body First!

One important step in the Yoga journey is ‘Purification’. We want to change our daily habits that aren’t serving us and replace them with a balanced lifestyle that is going to help us thrive. Ayurveda is a brilliant science that can do this for us…

Ayurveda to Purify

Through Ayurveda you can eat, practice and sleep in ways that support your make-up and help you thrive as an individual. This helps us to create harmony and balance to the physical body, so that we may venture into the mind and subtle body to start clearing those blockages. 

Ayurvedic Diet

One of the best ways to bring balance is through what we eat. Ayurveda introduces individual diets that help you bring balance through eating, without cutting any food groups out! Our Ayurvedic Detox Weekend course gives you a taste of cooking and eating an Ayurvedic diet. The course also includes Ayurvedic detoxifying techniques and Ayurvedic Yoga.

Want to be Introduced to Ayurveda?

Want to know more? Then check out our events! We are doing an introduction to Ayurveda class for FREE that will tell you more about this science. At this class will also introduce you to our Ayurvedic Detox Weekend course, which you can get 10% off of after attending the introduction to Ayurveda class!

The class is on the 1st April 18:30 – 20:30 and will include complementary hot drinks and meditation, CLICK BELOW to secure your FREE space.

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