Ayurveda Retreat | Find Refreshing Balance

Find Refreshing Balance This Summer on our Ayurveda Retreat 

Hey there! It’s Josie, and I’ve got to share our Ayurveda Retreat day with you. Have you been feeling the effects of the summer heat? Do you find yourself easily getting agitated, experiencing inflammation, or struggling to stay cool and calm? If so, then this message is specifically for you. 

Discover the Power of Ayurveda for Summer Wellness 

I want to introduce you to an incredible opportunity—a refreshing day retreat designed to help you balance the Pitta dosha during the summer season. Now, you might be wondering, “What on earth is Pitta dosha?” Well, let me break it down for you. 

Pitta dosha is an Ayurvedic term that represents an energy imbalance associated with heat, intensity, aggravation, and inflammation. It’s like having a pressure cooker inside you, making everything feel hot and bothered. The effects of Pitta dosha can manifest as anger, greed, bitterness, and jealousy—definitely not the cool and calm state we strive for. 


Embrace Calmness and Soothe Inflammation 

But here’s the good news: our day retreat is specifically tailored to counterbalance these effects and bring you back to a state of balance. We’ll guide you through practices that increase lightness, coolness, spaciousness, calmness, and quietude—essentially providing a refreshing experience for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Now, I know that embracing these qualities might not come naturally to you, especially if you’re a Pitta-dominant individual. Pitta types tend to be driven, ambitious, and always on the go. The idea of slowing down and going into contemplation might not be very appealing. But trust me, it’s in these quiet moments that we find clarity and discover our true desires. 

So, let me ask you this: can you recognize your oppositional patterns—the “I want it, but I don’t want it” mindset? Often, our blind spots and concerns hold us back from embracing what we truly desire. But by getting quiet and going into contemplation, we can bring awareness to these patterns. We can use breathwork to release stuck energy and be willing to consider that we might actually want, what we say we don’t want. It’s through recognising our imbalances that we find the path to healing. 


Join us for our Ayurveda Retreat Day

Now, let’s dive into what our day retreat has in store for you. We’ll start with a Moon Practice, the first stage of Hatha Yoga, where we’ll focus on cultivating balance, equalizing forces, and connecting with Samana Vaya Kriya. Our breath will play a crucial role in this practice, as we work towards a 1:1 ratio breath, promoting a sense of calm and equilibrium. 

Throughout the day, we’ll create a refreshing environment to address excess heat and inflammation. We’ll indulge in slow and spontaneous movements, imagining ourselves gracefully moving through water. It’s all about finding joy, having fun, and not taking things too seriously. We’ll emphasize light muscular focus rather than precision, allowing you to savour each moment and find freedom in your practice. 

Breaks will be filled with refreshing watermelon and melon, accompanied by mint-infused water to cool and hydrate your body. We’ll also have informative presentations on Pitta dosha and the effects of inflammation, equipping you with everyday practices to soothe and reduce these imbalances. Breathing workshops, such as Sitali Breathing and Bumble Bee, will further support your journey towards balance. 


The Power of Mandalas: Tap into Your Unique Energy Pattern 

But that’s not all—we have something truly special planned for you. We’ll explore the science of Yantra and the energetic waves that create specific patterns through a Mandala Workshop. This workshop will allow you to tap into your unique energy pattern and express it through painting your own mandala. It’s a powerful way to reconnect with your soul-song and align with your ‘dharmic’ call – or purpose in life. 

Finally, we’ll wind down with a Restore Asana, also known as Yoga Nidra, and gather for a closing circle where we’ll practice like pros, integrating everything we’ve learned throughout the day. 

This retreat is your golden opportunity to slow down, be held, and align with the wisdom of nature. By joining us for our ayurveda retreat on Saturday, July 22, from 9am to 4pm at our beautiful studio in Wellingborough, you’ll receive specific teachings from Ayurveda to soothe the effects of summer, practices to calm your energy and reduce inflammation, and a deeper understanding of how mandalas can empower you. 


Secure Your Spot for a Transformative Experience (Bring A Friend for a 10 per cent discount EACH). 

This is your last call to secure your spot, so don’t miss out! The full price is £110, and we’re cooking up something truly remarkable for you. Take a moment to book your spot by 10am on Friday, July 21, and give yourself the gift of this transformative experience. Feel free to invite a friend who might benefit from this journey as well – and we’ll give you a 10 per cent discount – EACH! 

Click below to secure your spot and embrace the refreshing power of this day retreat. We can’t wait to welcome you and support your path to balance and well-being. 

With love, 

Josie X 


P.S. I recommend reading “The Heart of Yoga” by T.K.V. Desikachar. In his book, Desikachar sheds light on the concepts of Raga and Dvesha, which stem from our desires for pleasure and avoidance of pain. These attachments and aversions can cloud our judgment and disturb our peace of mind. By delving into this wisdom, we can further understand ourselves and embark on a path of transformation.