Ayurveda to course correct your life!

Let's use Ayurveda to get back on track!

Have you let things slide?

Do you remember what happened when life slowed us all down in lockdown? Did you notice what grew from that enforced stillness? Did you find more spaciousness, awareness, freedom?

In that spaciousness did you actively extract more of the joy from life, savour the small things, and make the time to explore healthier habits?

Did you…
  • Realise how much time and energy you were wasting on meaningless tasks and unhealthy activities.
  • Have better conversations with your family? Make time for calls, and fun catch-ups and quizzes.
  • Cook more fresh food, from scratch? Did you improve your eating habits, or notice more where you need to?
  • Up your skin care routine?
  • Go for more walks? Take up a regular online class, sign up for creative workshops and exercise programmes?
  • Dream more, plan more? Start looking for new jobs?
  • Take more care of your home, your community, your family? Did you experience more connection with random strangers?

You get the gist!

So, how’s that all going for you now life has picked up pace? Has constriction started to replace the expansion that flows from spaciousness? How does it feel to be back in the rat race again? That working for you?

These are important questions to ask because you need to stay vigilant when it comes to your wellbeing. The small things add up to big things if you let them accumulate – and often without warning – they flare up into bigger health issues that will take you down. Nature will force you to pay attention at some point. It might not be today, next week, or even next year – but in Yoga we have this teaching called Karma which reminds us that our actions will reap consequences. Some of which are hard to undo.


Why am I telling you this? Ayurveda is why…

There’s something very little known or understood in the West called Ayurveda. It’s a whole science that umbrellas Yoga and Meditation and if practiced in conjunction with your asana classes, it will supercharge your capacity for health, vitality and wellness through more conscience choice making.

Everything we do at Yoga Local is rooted in the teachings of Ayurveda – it is a tradition that is even older than Yoga!

It’s such an important part of the wellbeing story that we offer FREE introductory classes to help educate our members on this amazing wisdom.

And we also provide a framework of practical workshops and retreats that invite you to learn more about this lifestyle practice which can help you skillfully adapt your life to any given circumstance and change.

Our next weekend workshop/course is coming up on July 15 and we’d love for you to get back behind the wheel of your life.

Start course correcting through these powerful teachings, before you feel so lost again, you won’t find your way back.

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