Be The Change In Modern Yoga

Be the change in Modern Yoga

It’s no secret I believe Yoga has a P.R problem.

Let’s look 👀 at the evidence.

How many Yoga classes have you been to (or watched online)? And, how much time have you spent revisiting the same postures over and over?

In contrast how much time have you spent being taught or invested your time yourself, into studying this science and the more subtle practices that unlock its deeper meaning and promise?

What is happening to Yoga?

I myself have spent years going to classes, workshops and even trainings that now looking back, kept me trapped in a worldview that the bigger (or more commercial) Yoga industry  and the teachers supporting it are actually quite happy for us all to keep pedalling.

Messaging like…

  1. Yoga is great – but you’ll want to make sure you get a workout at the same time.
  2. Slowing down is not necessary.
  3. Only teachers need to know the science and philosophy – and hey – even then if you don’t want to teach that ‘spiritual stuff ‘no problem! You go ahead and teach Yoga for ‘normal’ people.
  4. Yoga is not a healing practice. (As a side note. Did you know The Yoga Alliance, which creates a global certification system around teacher trainings, won’t allow Yogis to use the word healing in their curriculums).

Consequently…what’s happening to Yoga is its being fragmented and dissolved into something it’s not! A purely physical practice. Safe for the mass market!Possibly slowed down for the ‘oldies’ and injured but mostly dynamic (vinyasa-led) for the young, fit and ‘I don’t care about my mind, make me fabulous first’ egoic versions of ourselves.

And, If I’m being generous (and I want to be) maybe some deep breathing thrown in and a 2 minute ‘relaxation’ at the end of class.

Seriously?  Are we polishing our yoga halos after class because our heart rate got up to 180bmp in a 45-minute express, hot vinyasa class?

Are we out of our minds!

Maybe we are, quite literally. If that’s what we allow this ancient, life transforming practice to become.

Even some of my Yoga peers don’t seem to yet want to have this conversation. I’ve been trying but there’s so much resistence, they don’t even engage.

And I get it. The fitness industry is worth billions. It’s the easy win! A bum on a mat, ask questions later.  All yoga is good yoga. (There will be some Karmic bill to pay though I fear).

So, what do we do? We look to the teachings and root into all that we can do.


We at Yoga Local, which right now is my daughter Ali and I,  will be banging the drum for practicing and teaching traditional Hatha Yoga as it was meant to be taught.

Our plans is to focus our energy on those of you that have hit a wall with practicing class after class that doesn’t teach you the more meaningful practices and techniques that will move you forward in life.

We don’t agree!

Consequently, we will continue to say that we don’t agree that study of the science of Yoga – the energy management, the mind mastery – has to be separate to a regular posture class practice or reserved for teachers.

Sure, it’s more difficult to teach. You have to love and know your content and not just from reading it from a book. You’ve practiced and embodied the teachings yourself and have some experiential knowledge in the bank.

You might also have to think about extending teaching outside the class setting! Give practitioners the opportunity to evolve beyond the mat and actually help them take it into their life. That’s not easy.

(But, in case you’re wondering, that’s exactly what we are doing inside our YL APP.)

Fitness is an easier sell – we all know our bodies need to be exercised and we’ve learned to conform to the messaging around that. 1hr and you’re done. See you next week!

The tougher sell

Our mind and body? Well that’s a tougher sell and it’s more personal. We’re going to have to go to the core of who we are! That’s a commitment and a calling.

But know, when you practice using all the limbs of Yoga, it becomes COMPLETE and meaningful, and you get results that go beyond great physical feats of strength and flexibility.

You get to discover yourself, as this capable, adaptable, resilient, innately calm and happy human being that you are – and go after that!

Chase that version of who you are.

Oh and you don’t necessarily have to put yourself in any camp that separates you by age, gender or athleticism either.

If you’re ready for that. Come and bang our drum with us at Nene Court, Wellingborough and we’ll teach you all we can to move your practice into something more meaningful.


Josie and Ali.

Watch The Podcast for some teachings on BREATH and some of the science of Yoga! Be Curious! 👇👇👇