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We use TeamUp for our booking system so you will need to create an account to book class with us. Below is our timetable with a variety of classes to choose from, if you are unsure about what class to start with scroll down for advice or contact us!


Beginner (BEG)

Look for an entry level practice if you are a beginner. All classes at this level are offered in a way that is accessible and also faithful to the tradition. Explore the foundations of postural practice, discover simple breathing techniques and explore the world of meditation in a supportive environment, guided by experienced teachers.


These classes are perfect for both newer (but not beginner) students and seasoned Yogis aimed at keeping the foundations of practice solid.

(INT )

For intermediate Yogis who are ready to move beyond Asana into the more transformative elements of Practice. A consistent practice and a steady and calm mind are the prerequisites.


Class Descriptions

We get that a lot of the time you’re probably choosing which class to book based on convenience (time and date), but it’s important to start thinking more intelligently about how and when you practice and whether the class you are taking is actually serving you energetically.

So you will notice our descriptions include.

Stages of a Hatha Yoga Practice: (Anchor 1, Rise 2, and Energise 3)

In every stage there will be opportunities to practice at BEG, All or INT practice levels. Check the class descriptions before booking.

Each class has an overall intention that will shape the overall energetic effect of your practice.

Here we invite you to bring a certain mood to the practice, to help you drop into tone of the class.

Ideal for…
This section speaks to why you want to practice and how you want to feel. Yoga is a practice of balancing and restoring harmony through postures, breath work and energy management. Not all practices will bring you into balance (and some could actually feed into your existing imbalance and actually make you feel energetically worse). So choose wisely and consciously.

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Membership Packs


Single Class Pass: £11


£60 a month, minimum 12 months. By invitation only