Here you go. Something to make your yoga life easier….(that sweet spiritual Law of Least Effort is at work – maximum benefit, minimum effort.) Yay! So before I explain, firstly, let me thank you for being here… (this community we’ve got going and growing is something else.. and I don’t take it for granted). Which brings me to the secondly. OK, can I do something to help this time you’re with me feel even better? Ok, I know that’s a tough call, but figuring you went with it and said YES 🙌 to that..here’s what’s new.😝

The Yoga Local APP! 👏

Yep, I’ve taken the faff out of booking and managing your account – we now have an app for that!! The booking app allows you to browse the schedule, register for classes and courses, sign up for waitlists and manage your upcoming sessions. You can also view important information about your memberships, such as the usage status and the billing details.

How to get the app

The app is available for iOS and Android

Wouldn’t want to leave any one out now would we (INCLUDE! – theme of the month, if you’ve been to class in October you’ll get this..if not why not come and see why this makes sense!) But in the meantime.. here are some of the features of your new Yoga Local App.

The Menu

  • Toggle between profiles.
  • Adjust your push notifications settings
  • Log out.


  • View and manage your upcoming sessions and past attendances


  • Browse classes and courses, filter by class type or instructor, or easily jump to a particular day. * Book classes and courses.
  • Join waitlists.


  • Personalise your profile by adding a photo.
  • View your memberships.


I’m working on bringing more functionality to the app in the coming months. As of right now, the following options are possible from the website, but not the app:

  • Creating your customer profile.
  • Updating your login or profile details.
  • Buying memberships separately from registering for classes.

But that’s cool, keep hopping by to the website as there’s always something new going on there too… have you read any of my blogs or checked out the Yoga Local store? Just asking… Go here to explore more…

Here’s to making life better through yoga – change starts here… and now lovely. See you in class soon. Have fun with the app.