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The core classes at Yoga Local offer a dedicated, passionate, systematic and soulful way to practice and can help you live your life more energetically, consciously, compassionately and with purpose! 

Join us and find the encouragement to commit to a regular practice, be empowered to take responsibility for yourself, your body, your life, and find the support of a community which can help you learn to live reach your fullest potential.

Our journey is rooted in the teachings of Hatha and Tantra Hatha yoga, and is unapologetically moving us towards greatness so that we can all be of bigger service to each other.

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ANCHOR (Moon Practice)

Stage 1 of Hatha Yoga.

anchor (moon) practice

Moon practice is deep, challenging and nourishing with longer holds and an emphasis on creating stability and calmness of both body and mind. Standing poses and floor work, coupled with a focus on conscious and extended exhalations are used to guide awareness inwards and move you beyond the incessant chatter of the thinking mind. 

Moon practice is the foundation of all Tantric Hatha Yoga that follows. Always take the Moon with you.

Intention: To calm, ground and stabilize.
Forward Folds and Twists.

The mood to bring to class.
I am not my thoughts. I am that which experiences the mind thinking.

These classes are ideal if:

  • You have a busy life or a busy mind.
  • You feel anxious or ungrounded.
  • You want to feel more stable and calm.
  • You are not sleeping or digesting well.
  • You are quick to anger or easily rattled emotionally.
  • You feel overheated in your body or mind.
  • You want to improve your concentration and meditation practice.

RISE (Sun Practice)

Stage 2 of Hatha Yoga.

rise (sun) practice

Sun practice is about energy management and developing a deeper relationship to the energy that sustains us and all of life (Prana). More dynamic than Anchor (Moon), the path of the sun both cultivates the power we need to excel and the sensitivity we need to touch the subtler aspects of who we are.

A steady and calm mind (developed in Anchor) is an absolute necessity on the Solar path. 

Intention: To enliven and sensitize.

The mood to bring to class.
I need power in order to excel, however power without mental stability is dangerous.

These classes are ideal if:

  • You are feeling stagnant or lazy.
  • You are feeling sad or depressed.
  • You are looking to feel more positive about life.
  • You have poor circulation.
  • You have low immunity.
  • You are ready to start working more on the energetic level.
  • You’re already mentally grounded, stable and calm.

ENERGISE (Fire Practice)

Final Stage of Hatha Yoga.

energise (fire) practice

Energise practice is the third stage of your Yoga journey and aims to ignite the radiant power of your Soul. Using your posture practice (asana) as the framework, all elements of the Tantric path come into play to still the mind, cultivate energy, burn through your limitations and (with committed practice) safely unlock your sacred inner power. 

Fire practice has a more physical arc to it, but the true emphasis is on cultivating internal heat, directing awareness and energy into the spine and unlocking our innate ability to thrive.

Intention:  To access the heart of Yoga.

The mood to bring to class.
I am designed (and destined) to thrive in all areas of my life. Practice allows me to access this innate excellence.

These classes are ideal if:

  • You are feeling physically and mentally balanced.
  • You are stable, calm and grounded.
  • You have already established a relationship with Prana (Rise Practice).
  • You have a committed daily practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Your worldview embraces Yoga as a spiritual practice.
  • You are truly ready to embrace your greatness.


Beginner (BEG)

Look for a Beginner level class if you are new or returning to Yoga. All classes at this level are offered in a way that is accessible but still honours tradition. Explore the foundations of postural practice, discover simple breathing techniques and explore the world of meditation in a supportive environment.


These classes are perfect for both newer (not complete beginner) students and seasoned Yogis aimed at keeping the foundations of practice solid.

Intermediate (INT)

For intermediate Yogis who are ready to move beyond Asana (Postures) into the more transformative elements of practice. A consistent practice and a steady and calm mind is necessary for this level.

Membership Packs


10 Class Pack: £79
5 Class Pack: £43


Single Class Pass: £11


£60 a month, minimum 12 months. By invitation only