We’re Now On Demand!

Unlimited access to our online classes? YES PLEASE We have finally added the On Demand feature to our Team Up site! This means we can record and upload our  Yoga classes for you to access as much as you want, when you want. The uploads will be recorded versions of our LIVE ONLINE classes, in […]


Change is normal. Have you got the memo on this yet my yogi friend 😉?Yep! Here’s the deal.If we resist what is, we suffer. If we forget what’s real and put our sense of stability on what’s not real, we suffer. In December 2020 I blogged about how change illuminates’ character and how dealing with […]


“I find the physical aspect of yoga really helps a lot with being able sit relaxed in meditation and to quieten the mind which makes me feel good. However, at the same time I’m not looking to be wearing tye-dye and telling everybody I love them because I don’t and I happy with that as […]


WE’VE GOT A WHOLE LOT TO CELEBRATE – JOIN US! HIT play to hear me give a quick and excited run through our plans for June/July. There’s so much going on I’m kind of nervous how long this post could get. (You know how I can over run…. so I’ll try and keep it sweet.) […]


WELCOME BACK! WE’VE MISSED YOU (AND YOUR ENERGY). So COVID-19 is still a bit of a mystery, and for the foreseeable future, planning in advance is going to be a tad tricky. But there are some things to keep you aware of as we start to prepare to re-open the studio space for classes on Monday […]

We’ve Built The YOGA LOCAL Hug Club For You

Be one of our first FOUNDING MEMBERS

WE’VE just marked a year since we first went into lockdown and guess what? We’re still showing up! 🙌

YES, I have some BIG news! I can finally let you in on what we’ve got planned to help bring you together with equally passionate  people who are ready for something new!
Over the last few months we’ve been working behind the scenes to create The YOGA LOCAL Hug Club – a space that works completely off social media.

It launches on Monday April 6 to a founding membership (which you can be part of).🙏👍

Get in quickly before you miss out on your FREE space!

Do we want to be fit and fancy? Or do we want to be free?

Tales from a Teacher Training.

I’m taking time out from the studio for the next six days to immerse in a teacher training with The Practice in Bali. The Practice is a leading institution in lineage-based Traditional Tantric Hatha education.

This place called me to it. (I love it when this happens). No google searches and days of endlessly comparing and contrasting was necessary. I saw it and that was it. You know when you know!

But here’s why.

Yoga For Spine Stability

Check out these yoga videos for back and glute strength.

We’ve been working with spinal extensions and back bends in class this week but this kind of practice is not just for yogis looking to “open their heart” or master a particular asana or posture! 

It’s for anyone looking to improve their lower back (and glute) strength! That you? It’s certainly me!  And it’s certainly for the members at ShireFit who our teacher Maz serves each week in two weekly sessions on behalf of YL.

This is what she’s been helping the crossfit folk across the courtyard, master.  Take it away Maz! 🙏


Need a refresher on taking a LIVE online class?

Steps to signing up for and attending online classes

All you need is the member app, a device to access your zoom link and yourself!

Here’s a quick how-to guide to signing up and attending so you never ever have to miss a class, even when you can’t make it into (or are not allowed) in the studio. 

While our ‘In Studio’ classes only require you to book online and show up to class, there are a few simple things we recommend you have in order to participate in your ‘LIVE online’ class.


Yoga For Tight Hips

Check out these yoga videos for tight hips.

Sometimes, you don’t find yoga – yoga finds you. For example… did you know our Maz is working to deliver RCVR classes for our neighbours, ShireFit, a cross fit gym here at Nene Court, Wellingborough and for its members in Corby too.

It’s not what you’d call traditional yoga – but that’s not always where we want to start! Where we start is with a specific need! If you have tight hips… you need to watch this.