Celebrate The Gifts Of Yoga

Let's Celebrate

MERRY CHRISTMAS YOGIS! It’s that time of year again and we want to spread the joy all month, that’s why our theme is going to be LETS CELEBRATE!

We will celebrate how far we’ve all come on this journey called life, honour our practice as we learn to make more time for it and learn to tailor it to our individual needs and nature.

And to show our gratitude for all the help and support we’ve extracted from life so far.

The Yoga tradition teaches that life is a gift (from divinity, God, nature! You get to choose the SOURCE – but there’s still just ONE).

So, allow me to extend a gift or two of my own as we sign off (gratefully) to all that 2022 offered and get excited to see in 2023.

How Will We Celebrate This Month?

So, as well as factoring in gratitude into our regular and COMPLETE Anchor, Rise and Energise practices throughout December we’re also carving out some time to bring you all together with two special ‘Christmas Gift’ practices and a social over cheese and wine.

We’ve also got some news on things we think are worth celebrating including offers that will help you make more time for practice. To keep it regular, and therefore more meaningful and potent, but affordable – we said there was gifts in this podcast.


So, here’s what you need to know.
  • Christmas Chakra Practice | The Gift of Dharmic Power Alignment on  Friday 23 November. Choose a 7:30am or 10:30am practice. But get in quick as spaces are limited. CLICK HERE
  • Christmas Cheese and Wine Social at the Ruby and Claret on November 23 from 6:30pm. We’ve reserved a space upstairs at this Earls Barton venue so please let us know if you’ll be joining us so we can manage numbers. CLICK HERE
  • New Year Day Retreat | Unlock your Magic Number. There is a specific system within the science of Yantra Yoga to help us all work out our own unique energetic blueprint – our inbuilt code for harnessing energy and thriving. Discover your energetic frequency and learn how to use it to empower all your activities in 2023. Includes complete Yoga practice, Gong session and more. 9am to 4pm on Monday 2 Jan. CLICK HERE
  • Totally Chilled Retreat | West Lexham | Day or Overnight Treehouse experience. September 5 to 7. Make time to properly rest and relax so you can be rejuevenated and therefore experience more of your innate aliveness. CLICK HERE
  • P.S The Morroco Yoga Retreat has SOLD OUT! We are definitely celebrating that!
In other news.
  • From December 1 you will be able to purchase YL Gift Cards that you can tailor to any experience, retreat, class, workshop or product (candles, oils… even a few cups of coffee maybe).  Ask Alison or myself for more details (and maybe you could be getting that retreat experience or Yoga mat you dreamed of this Christmas – nudge, nudge yogi partners out there).
  • Our membership model is expanding to include a monthly rolling membership at £69 and Complete Membership will now also be OPEN TO ALL for £60 a month (12 Month contract).
  • For all the details go to our membership page on the website! CLICK HERE. It’s amazing value and is in response to what we have observed as a real desire from you guys to practice more but recognising we have budgets and there’s this little thing called cost of living crisis going on! (It never ends… but we are resilient yogis right!).
  • The class packs are great if you’re still figuring out how to fit everything in and will still be available but if you know you are ready for a more dedicated, sustained practice and want the support of premium content inside our APP on top of unlimited live classes – we’ve got you covered.

I can’t over emphasise that Yoga Local is not a gym and you are not investing in another gym membership. Our mission is to help you discover the skills, mastery and joy from advancing your life and health with a consistent and complete Yoga practice. Our studio, and the virtual space in the YL APP are both nurturing places to navigate the daily challenge of life, showing up as you really are, exploring what you want (really, really want) and discovering the tools that will fast track you towards your infinite potential.

NOT A GYM.. NOTHING LIKE A GYM… so much MORE than a GYM. Don’t be trading diamonds for lettuces folks 😉

Love and gratitude.

Josie and Alison.