Choosing your lane.

My yogi friends… here we are in this new world of isolation and social distancing, trying on new ways of being and doing. That includes how, why and where we practice.

Yeah you can buy a yoga DVD or plug into some robotic app that’ll talk you through a guided basic programme or flow. You could even tune into the latest Z list celebrity in their sponsored yoga pants.

The choice, (no judgement) is yours….


So, it got me thinking (and whittling if I’m honest). Why choose YL?


So, I wrote down a few ramblings…and hey presto.. here they are.


  • We’re offering the same yoga and meditation programme we had when we were in the studio aside from courses and special events, which aren’t physically possible during a lock down.
  • We’re still employing the same amazing yoga teachers, working to bring you intelligently thought-out, sequenced yoga classes that will keep you moving in the direction of…. health, evolution and growth – whatever that looks like for you!
  • We don’t just teach you; we guide you. From understanding the foundations of the discipline, from aligning the moves, to creating the sequences that can help you prepare for an effective and safe practice.
  • We help you set goals for your practice. Using yoga not just to train the body, but as a way to reduce and manage your stress, as a means of healing from an illness or injury, or as a way to achieve spiritual fulfilment and peace.
  • We’ve got you covered with playlists to help you find some of the peace that you experienced in the good old studio days.
  • We help you find the discipline, and patience to work towards where you want to go. Keep in mind that doing yoga doesn’t mean repeating a certain position exactly like the person you see in a video or image. You need to focus on the path that will take you to the asana, the enlightenment or any other goal that is proposed to you.
  • We help you open your mind and heart during training.
  • We’re making a commitment to growing what we offer in exactly the same way as I would if this whole lock down thing hadn’t happened. Watch out for a new class REST and a new teacher, Oliva Rose. (Plus, Kat’s ready to roll out her Intro to Ashtanga class – very exciting).
  • And yes, you can work your body and get fit in YL classes, but that’s NOT what YL is about… and never has been. There is way more to shoot for than that and here’s my favourite four to get you started… community, connection, freedom and a little adventure. (These words I live and plan by).

Since we shifted into the online space it’s been pretty tough not to get distracted by what everyone else out there is up to… to ‘pivot’(… I believe that’s the trending word that’s doing the rounds).

Stay in Your Lane

All I can tell you is here at YL my focus is to stay in my lane. In fact, it’s my new mantra. “Stay in Your Lane Josie, Stay in Your lane.”

I blabber on about this in class sometimes (you may recall) but I’ll repeat for those who’ve not yet had the pleasure….

What I’ve come to feel (in my very bones) is that we are all unique expressions of the same creativity and energy that is our ‘source’. And it’s a big old nasty trap to think that you have to show up like someone else or do things like someone else to be or feel ‘safe’ in that universal space.

Do you find yourself doing that? Oh, so and so did that. maybe I should too? For sure, that’s what started the whole panic buying and loo roll hogging…

I’ve fallen into that trap a few times in the past. Well maybe more than a few! And yeah it can feel comforting, being and showing up like everyone else… but in the end, what happens is…. you become just that… just like the rest and you wind up….errr…. invisible…


So, I’m staying in my lane… and the lane I’m taking with YL …. Which is to do what I love, share it out there, and see who shows up that loves it too…


Freedom, connection and adventure, are the THREE words I would use to describe what you choose when you choose YL.


Maybe you have words of your own…?


Let me know your three… I’d love to hear them.