Clean Your Slate! Make Space for Magic to Happen in 2018.

Plus: A Peek Inside My 30 Day Cleanse

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you want for yourself next year?

What experiences are you hoping for?

How do you want to feel?

What emotions do you want more of?

When you ask yourself these questions, were any of your answers the same as those you had last year and the year before that? At the risk of voicing the depressingly obvious, does that not kinda suck… real bad?

Do you pass off not quite hitting the mark (again) as bad luck, not your year, or it’s too late for you anyway?

Ouchee, ouchee, ouchee. Insert a pattern interrupt, pause, stop, brake. I’m going to step in  and ask you to consider what’s going on here.

I’m only going on what I’ve observed, learned and experienced as a yogi but the way I see it is we don’t get what we want because we expect and desire change, without actually embracing change.

You see what I’m saying? Let me explain.

Same old same old

It doesn’t matter how much you might pray, wish, beg, desire or intend for things to be different, unless you play this beautiful game of life a little different, you will get served up a big old helping of more of the same old same old.

At some point you have to wake up and accept that if you keep feeding the miracle of creation you call your body with the same low-level energy and intelligence (food, thoughts, feelings, movement, beliefs perceptions, interpretations), your life will reflect exactly that right ‘back at yer baby’.

Inside my 30-day cleanse

I’m just on the other side of a 30-day cleanse. The basic protocol was to start eating more alkaline foods and had the following do nots.

Don’t drink alcohol

Don’t eat sugar

Don’t’ eat gluten,

Don’t eat dairy,

Don’t drink caffeine

80 per cent of food on my plate was green and 20% protein or 20% starchy carb. I got to drink 2 X Green Juices a day or a Pro Green Powder.

Big change in itself.

But more than that, this cleanse went way further, challenging heaps more than what I was feeding my body nutritionally.

It called for long hard look at how I express myself, what I resist, how I create my day, what I’m grateful for, how I move my body, what I waste my energy on, how I breathe.


I love this kind of work because it’s a whole approach to transformation (in this case a more vibrant, healthy, balanced and energetic me).

This is what I call yoga in the fullest sense of the word. Finding union/whole health. People just don’t choose to call it yoga, but when you drill down, it’s what it is.

Think about it. Yoga (and meditation which is one of the eight limbs of yoga) is an entire lifestyle and way of living. During asana practice (the poses), we don’t just work out, we check in and start excavating, exploring and uncovering who we really are, what makes us feel good, and what doesn’t. Each time we come to the mat we get to cleanse, renew and restore and evolve our minds, body and sense of spirit.  We learn to embrace change, accept it and flow with it.

And this is when it’s time to get excited because that’s when we make space for the magic to happen. That’s how we get rid of what’s not serving us, ditch old beliefs and thought patterns, and allow new stuff to manifest.

When you practice yoga you get to show up each day and take a long hard look at what’s going on for you. You learn to take action in the present moment and respond in ways that will lead you closer to your desires. You become aware of what’s getting in the way of your dreams and align a little bit more with what will get you moving towards them.

Go to Tool

If you want to live a life your love (for longer), yoga is your go to tool every time, and I really hope I can be the one to inspire you to find your way to your mat today – yes today (yesterday would have been better but today is great).

Don’t keep putting your life off until tomorrow or New Year. Change can start now.

Pheww… If anything I’ve said is chiming with you, and you really want to start living your life the way you dream it could be, please let me help get you started.

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Make a change, make a new choice. You’re in charge. Go do it.

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Namaste peeps 😉


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Josie X