Commitment & Consistency | Get Back On The Yoga Wheel

Get Real about Your Yoga Journey: Commitment and Consistency (and 5 actionable steps to claim yours). 

Hey there, all you amazing folks! Summer is about to fade into the rearview mirror, and guess what’s rolling in on the horizon? More of the same old same old! How’s the sound of that work for you? 

Yep, this is me (Josie). Dishing out the tough love in a way I 100 percent stand by as medicine for the soul (as hard as it might be to stomach). So, buckle up and let’s chat about the real deal to getting what you want from life – commitment and consistency. This is exactly what I’m here to do and what this business I’ve created is for. Plus, I’m throwing in some Tantric Hatha Yoga wisdom to spice things up. So, let’s cut the fluff and dive in! 

No Bull: Time to Get Back in the Yoga Groove 

Summer’s waving goodbye, routines are back in the game – and honestly, it’s the perfect time to whip out that ‘back-to-yoga school’ attitude. If you’re still doing the “I’ll do yoga if I have time” tango, well, let’s be real, you’re probably stuck in a loop, or kicking your wheels and going nowhere. So, pause, take a deep breath, and ask yourself – are you ready to actually make time for yourself? 

Now, this may sound harsh – but straight talking is how I roll, so let me coat this with a helping of reality. Working on the Self is not a soft option (which is maybe what some marketeers may have led you to believe)!  

Why? Because it takes guts, discipline, commitment and drive to go deeper than surface level concerns, or the let’s feel good for five minutes, to really uncover who you are and what you need from life. 

Hear me when I invite you to say ‘no more tinkering around the edges’. It’s time to work with a clear, curious well-prepared mind, and find out who you actually are and why the hell you are here. And maybe start to work towards making a life on purpose happen? That is, after-all, the promise of a YOGA practice! 

Dharma Drama: Finding Your True North 

Hold onto your mats, folks! Because we’re diving even further into the Dharma zone (which is a little like finally nailing that tricky pose and feeling like an egoless yoga ninja).  

But seriously Dharma is your North Star, your life’s true calling that gets you all fired up.  

You can think of commitment as your sidekick, leading the way to your wildest dreams – no cape required.  

Wouldn’t it be worth your while bringing those innate qualities (that sense of inner fire) forward so you can finally figure out how to make those dreams happen, maybe? Possibly? What would that be worth to you? 

Commitment: Your No-Nonsense BFF 

Enough beating around the bush – commitment is your ultimate wing-person on this journey. It’s like having your own life DJ, spinning tracks that sync with the universe’s playlist. Studio time? Virtual hangout? It’s all good – commitment is NOT a hassle; it’s your backstage pass to your very own cosmic concert. Trust me, you want that pass! 

Rock-Solid Consistency: Your Secret Sauce 

Consistency? Yeah, it’s your secret weapon. Just like each pose transforms your body, consistency works its magic on your mind and spirit. It’s like painting stroke by stroke, creating a masterpiece of self-awareness. And guess what? You’re the artist, painting your journey one bold stroke at a time. 

Studio Vibes, Online Thrills: Commitment Everywhere 

Our home base, the Yoga Local studio right here in Wellingborough, and our buzzing online members practice APP – they’re like two peas in a commitment pod. Whether you’re bending it live or rocking it virtually, commitment and consistency are your ride-or-dies, guiding you through this wild ride. 

Change Champions: Embracing the Ride 

Seasons change, and so does our journey – it’s like the ultimate playlist on shuffle mode. We groove with life’s rhythm, thanks to Tantric philosophy’s wisdom. Commitment and consistency? They’re like our dance partners, adapting to the beat and making sure we stay in sync. 

Time to Shine: Light Up Your Transformation 

As summer fades and fall takes the stage, I’ve got a kickass invite for you – let’s relight that commitment spark. Whether you’re stepping into our studio or beaming in virtually through our  Live Online classes or through our YL Member’s APP, the light of Tantric Hatha Yoga is ready to guide you toward your badass self. 

We can’t do your practice for you, but we can help you make it happen. That is my commitment, that is my Dharma. Let’s not forget, the tradition says we fail to listen to that at our peril! (Been there, done that, not wanting to repeat that Karmic lesson again). 

Now it’s your turn are you ready to write your own Dharmic story, one fearless breath at a time. 


Finding Your Time: 5 Actionable Steps to Prioritise Commitment 

Need to be a time-conscious warrior? Let’s cut to the chase – life gets busy, routines get tangled, and suddenly, you’re left wondering where all your time disappeared. But I’ve got your back. Here are five no-nonsense steps to help you unearth that precious time for what truly matters. 

  1. Time Audit: Take Back Control 

Grab your calendar, or simply jot things down on that Notes app – it’s time for a reality check. List out what’s hogging your time currently. Those long hours scrolling Insta or binge-watching Netflix? Yup, they’re on the list. This is your baseline, your starting point to master your time. 

  1. The Essentials and The Extras 

Let’s get real. From that list, identify what’s a non-negotiable must-do, like breathing. Then, point out what you genuinely want to do – maybe that’s hitting the mat, cooking a real meal, or finally tackling that guitar in the corner. And the rest? Well, if it doesn’t align with your vibe, it might just need a boot. 

  1. The Priority Shuffle 

Now we’re cooking! Separate tasks like a boss. What’s got to happen daily? Your non-negotiables. What’s crucial in the next few days? Those are your priorities. And what matters in the near future? You guessed it – that’s important too. Weed out the ‘meh’ stuff that’s just taking up mental space. 

  1. Task Choreography: Smart Moves 

Just like yoga poses follow a sequence, tasks need their own choreography. What’s going to make the next thing flow smoothly? That’s your game plan. Big projects? Break ’em down into smaller bites. You’re not here to wrestle with overwhelm – you’re here to rock the productivity dancefloor. 

  1. Calendar Play and App Attack 

Time to get techy. Whip out that calendar, or try apps like To-doist or Asana (trust me, they’re lifesavers). Plot your tasks like a ninja. And here’s the secret sauce – set reminders to check in with your long-term goals. Each checked-off task? Yep, that’s a mini victory, so bask in it. 

Quick Pep Talk: Life’s a Rollercoaster 

Now, let’s get real about life – it’s got its own script. Things go sideways, plans crumble, and chaos reigns. And guess what? That’s totally okay! Flexibility is your BFF. When your perfectly planned day goes a bit haywire, don’t toss a tantrum – roll with it. The world’s unpredictable, and so are you. 

Rock the Adjustments 

Remember your yoga practice? It’s all about making that pose work for you. Apply that same mojo here. If life throws a curveball, adjust, adapt, and keep your eye on what truly matters. Don’t throw in the towel; tweak the game plan, just like you would on the mat. 

So, there you have it – your time, your rules. Keep coming back to your calendar, assess where you’re at, and take control over your time. You’re the conductor of your time symphony, and it’s all about making space for what really matters to you. 

Spread the wisdom – please share this with your buddies who need a time reality check. And hey, if you’ve got your own time-taming strategies, don’t hoard ’em! Drop ’em in the comments, and let’s conquer time together. Stay awesome, time ninjas! 

Catch you on the flip side, Josie X 



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