Your most valuable Christmas gift EVER is right this way.

Come on in and unwrap your freebie.

I’ll jump right in and say it. It’s the end of November and life’s about to get even busier, crazier and more pressured. Agreed?

And, that my yogi friend will make it soooo much harder for you to put your health and wellbeing first. I get that – we all want to have a good time at Christmas and it’s a huge pressure not to fall in with the crowd and think to hell with it, I’ll go along for the ride until January.

But here’s the question. Is it what you want? How much more joy does that extra pork pie, salty snack, late night party, vodka shot, super-expensive gift give you. How long does that feeling last? And what’s the cost that your happy to pay for it all.

Time to root into your practice and make a choice

If you don’t want to suffer a holiday hangover and look back and think geez, not again, why? You got to tap into your yogi-choice making powers more than ever.

This is the time to root into your practice and draw on any solid desire you have for wanting to be healthy and happy  – which when you think about it, is the most valuable gift you can give yourself on December 25.

Yoga is a lifestyle habit you choose if you want:

  • More energy
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better health
  • More creativity
  • Resilience
  • To make better choices

It’s not easy to keep on track and make choices you know are good for you when you’re being swept along by seasonal festivities and pie-eyed friends and family.

Which is why I’ve created a 25-day yoga advent challenge for you (and me).

Staring December 1, I’m inviting you to join me on Facebook for a little fun and friendly self-support.

As we countdown to Christmas together, we’ll complete a quick yogi challenge each day, to keep us grounded in our intentions to keep a handle on our health (without killing any yule time joy).

Are you in?

When you sign up for the freebie you’ll receive:

A 25-day printable advent calendar that will remind you to take on daily challenges, tips and tricks that can help keep you in your yogi mind set right up to the big day. I’ll be posting out each challenge daily, starting December 1 on the Yoga Local Facebook page (so hope on over now to follow me and receive the daily notifications that will keep you on track).

Slay Stress

As you start to add more yogi-inspired habits into your life, you’ll find it easier to slay stress, feel more joy and only make choices that line up with what you actually want – not what you think you should want, or what you think others think you should want.

You are in charge my friend. You get to choose in every moment.

To avoid decision making fatigue we’ll be taking it super easy,( #Law of Least Effort). One yogi step at a time can lead you into a whole new way of living your life with more health, happiness, fulfilment than you can imagine.

I know it, I’m doing it.

Plus, this advent challenge will give you all you need to rock up into 2018 hitting the ground running. Check out my blog post on that here.

The time is always now so go grab your free Yoga Advent Challenge Calendar here, pin it up with your festive decorations, and please, let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear all your tales and triumphs.

Post your aha moments on the Facebook page @yogalocal   or drop me an email at josie@yogalocal.co.uk 

use the hashtag #yogalocaladventchallenge

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Until next time.