De-Stress With Yoga & Ayurveda

Shift With The Seasons…

Guys! Did you hear the wind this morning? Have you noticed the trees’ juicy vibrant leaves becoming dry and crisp! The seasons are shifting. And so are we. This means it is time to de-stress with Yoga and Ayurveda.

As our external environment changes, guess what? So do we. We are just like those leaves – consider that for a moment!

It’s a teaching offered by Ayurveda that how readily we are able to adapt to our outer experiences determines our level of balance within.

And so it’s time to check in and alter some of our behaviours and align our choices with the new normal. As the energy and information around as changes, it’s up to us how we respond. And ideally that’s with awareness of what we’re choosing, rather than struggling, resisting and becoming irritated.

So, in order choose awareness… we are going to de-stress with yoga and Ayurveda this month!

Which one sounds the more healthy approach to you? You get what I’m saying?

This science of life, living in harmony with nature, Ayurveda, is not rocket science. It’s actually diving into what comes most natural to us – because within it is our innate code. Our blueprint for thriving. And just as a tree does not resist when the time comes to shed its leaves, we too should not resist our innate inner wisdom to make changes and review our choices during the seasonal shifts in life.

As a practitioner of Yoga and Ayurveda I schedule time to make those adjustments 3 times a year. Autumn|Winter, Spring and Summer

Saturday October 1 – is already pencilled in for my next seasonal cleanse where I will adapt physically, energetically and emotionally for this most natural of shift into Autumn/Winter – which we experience as amplified or exaggerated VATA dosha.

Vata is a Sanskrit term that represents principles of air and space. You can always look at nature if you need a guide to help you connect to these teachings.

In Autumn we experience more VATA wind (air) and space (ether). This relates to movement and connection. When we have an over- abundance of space going on, we get more emptiness. We can feel lost.

Too much air and space also makes our experiences feel less ‘juicy’, dry, rough, a little more unstable, less grounded, more uncertain. In other words STRESSFUL.

We are more susceptible to movements of the mind, anxiety. Our pulse rate increases in speed, we take shorter breaths, we are more distracted an unable to focus on one thing.

The Ayurvedic approach is to find harmony in all things, so balance is not found when any of those principle energies (or Doshas) get wildly exaggerated.

So our job is to address imbalance when we witness it happening. In the moment.

We can’t do it by attempting to decrease the over exaggerated energy or resist it – it’s happening and resistence is futile. Nature won’t shift for us. We shift to it.

How? By bringing in opposite qualities that counter the effects.

The more air and space in our environment, the more we need our earth and water friends in the form of Kapha dosha. By adding these qualities into our life through how we act, think, eat, drink, workout we get to offset Vata and it’s stress-inducing side effects.

Cue more grounding, stabilising, soothing and creating ease and fluidity in what is a dry, rough and cold time of the year

We can all make these adjustments in very simple ways and they can make all the difference to how we ride the seasonal waves. In other words, reduce the stressors.

Let me show you how.

Now, I’d love for you all to join me someday for a full on 30-day seasonal cleanse – but hey it’s a big ask. Let’s just start with a weekend and see how you go.

Join us to de-stress using the techniques of Yoga & Ayurveda!

We’ve taken all the guess work out of this. (Because we love you and want you do do this!) 

We provide the venue, the yoga, the meditation, the tools, the tecnhiques, the teachings, the recipes, the ingredients, the support, the community, the accountability. We’ll even make your breakfast! Yes we said we love you!

You just have to show up!

Please show up! For yourself! 


This Ayurveda Weekend Cleanse we will offset the VATA dosha and destress our energetic systems.

In the meantime if you want to follow my longer cleansing journey or are interested in starting your own – I’ll be posting insights in the YL App. DM me if you’d like to go deeper next time round (that’ll be Spring-time folks).

Throw me a thumbs up, comment, and keep me company. And maybe I’ll see you for the weekend cleanse on 21 October to 24 October?

Together we can do great things remember!

J x