Ways to Detox with Yoga

You only have one body. This is all you get!

Learn how to enhance your capacity to detox and rejuvenate with yoga.

To be healthy is our natural state and yoga, under the umbrella of its sister science of life, Ayurveda, is part of a whole system of healing.

So you may love working with the poses and using them as a benchmark to some kind of physical prowess, but forget the alignment of your downward dog for a second and instead shift your emphasis on both yoga and meditation as tools to get every aspect of your ‘being’ working in harmony.


Ayurveda (which I studied and was certified as a practitioner before training to be a yoga teacher) is about prevention and doing all we can to maintain health through good diet, lifestyle, yoga, meditation and herbal remedies.

It looks at the root cause of dysfunction and disease. Things like poor digestive health, poor water, poor choice making, pollution, pesticides in food, emotional and physical stresses.

Over time these toxins accumulate throughout the body and eventually if not processed, wind up deep in the tissues, creating dysfunction and disease.

Think about it. When waste builds up, we get sick, and we get fat. We also seriously reduce  our capacity to reach more loftier goals like higher states of awareness, union (yoga).


So when we talk about detoxification in Ayurveda – we’re talking about doing the work to eliminate these toxins and rejuvenate our systems to bring them back to balance.

You only have one body – this is all you get. So do you want to help it to function optimally? There are two ways.

  1. Enhance your capacity to detoxify and eliminate wastes
  2. Minimise your exposure.


In a healthy body the process of detoxification runs smoothly – it’s intelligently designed for the job (by who is another conversation!). But when we are dealing with accumulated toxins, our mechanisms for processing them get sluggish, stuff winds up in our cells for too long and it messes up our gut, our brain our hormones.

(Did you know that 80,000 new toxic chemicals have been released into our environment since the dawn of the industrial revolution – and very few tested for safety!)

How can we not be affected?


If you are overweight, you are unfortunately carrying toxins by definition. Toxins get stored in fat cells. And the bad news is that as you lose weight the toxins get released, which can impair your metabolism and put the brakes on future weight loss.

Not great right!

So back to those two ways to help your body do the job it’s beautifully equipped for.

  1. Enhance your capacity to detoxify and eliminate wastes
  2. Minimise your exposure to toxins.


Need help? One of my biggest intentions for Yoga Local is for it to be a place where people can have their own discoveries on what it is to be well through the tools of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation.


So as well as our full programme of yoga and meditation, we have special events on the timetable that can also help you detoxify and eliminate waste or show you how to minimise you’re your exposure to toxins.


These are the one’s coming up immediately.


Saturday 5 December. Learn how to reduce your body’s toxic burden through your choice of skin care products and join us in meditation to offload some mental garbage.



Sunday 10 January.  Commit to our six-week yoga New Year detox course. Nourish!


Sunday 13 December. Or try the taster session first…



Friday 5 March to Monday 8 March. Immerse into nature and the teachings of Ayurveda on a four-day retreat in Cornwall.

(Message me for more info on this one – or check out this month’s issue of Yoga Vocal)



Remember. You only have one body. This is all you get! Come and learn how to enhance your capacity to detox and rejuvenate with yoga.