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What is your purpose?

Have you ever sat and wondered, what is the purpose of life? Why am I on the planet and what was I created to do? Surely your purpose isn’t just to work til your old and to raise a family.

I think we all have these questions at some point. And with the universe being so vast, you can sometimes end up feeling very small and pointless. But of course there is a point, and the Yogic worldview says that everyone has a purpose!

So, what is your purpose? Well, only you can answer that.  In the podcast below 👇, you’ll find a meditation that may help to start answering your question.

We all get so lost in putting our worth into our career, the way we look, how popular we are. All of this stuff gets in the way of knowing who we truly are, so it gets in the way of knowing what our purpose is.


How can I begin to know my purpose?

Simple answer… get rid of all the superficial stuff that is defining who you are, and start to understand yourself on a deeper level. Get to know what it is that truly drives you.

And how we do this, is through our Yoga practice.

Yoga is all about stripping away the obstacles that we put up to protect ourselves, and being able to find ourselves again. Most of us are living within by the lower mind. Allowing the reaction level of the mind to make our decisions, and the survival instincts and emotions that keep us in the lower mind.

Through Yoga, we slowly move away from this and start to connect back to our intuition and higher mind.

What about Dharma?

The conversation of purpose is a big one in the Yoga philosophy. It comes under the term Dharma in Sanskrit, which is the concept that we are all given life to fulfill a specific purpose. This purpose should serve you and serve others to bring complete joy to both.

Your Dharma tends to be a talent you have. It isn’t necessarily attached to a job you have or a role you play in life, it may just be a quality you bring to your life and others. The deeper you take that journey to knowing yourself, the easier it will be to know what it is that drives you and brings you happiness.

Josie dives deeper into the conversation of Yoga and finding your purpose in this weeks podcast! Check out the video below for more on this subject, including a short meditation to start the conversation with yourself about your own purpose… 👇👇👇

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