Does blogging create personal abundance?

New age guru and physician Deepak Chopra is my new guilty pleasure. According to Deepak we can have a life full of joy, health, a sense of purpose, anything our heart desires – True Abundance.

We don’t need to seek our desires out, we just have to open up to what’s already there and allow the ‘bounty of the universe’ to flow through us. My desires are always open and available to me. I just have to be open to receiving them.

That’s a big leap of faith…!

According to Deepak I can increase abundance in my life by sharing my own gifts with the world. I’m a journalist, so is writing my gift? Does, in some way, sharing this blog with everybody (and probably nobody) create some cosmic bank of personal abundance?

The only way to find out is to go with it I guess…

Thought of the day

I can be, do and have anything my heart desires as long as I believe in the possibilities.