Don’t wait. Create!

Don’t wait for harmony. Create it!

Today I was told that change illuminates character! 🕯
So as we rolled with yet more COVID punches this week, I found myself asking, how are you holding up Josie?
Where’s your optimism at now 🤔? Still ready for this adventure? Can you continue to be disciplined, show up and figure out what’s possible? How long’s it going to be before you want to go hide, cry 😭 for help, stamp your feet, declare it’s not fair!
The decision was not to have any of that; if you don’t count one human moment when I could have gone a bundle on a COVID-free cuddle. 😝🤗

But what got my mindset back? Two things…

  1. A message from a mentor that change illuminates character and reveals who we are. And…
  2. The simple act of looking to nature. We just marked the Winter Solstice; the darkest day, the shortest day (appropriate huh?).

As Autumn makes way for Winter… it got me thinking how we could all get curious about the effect of change and our resistence to it.

Is our mindset keeping us humble, compassionate, open to explore possibilities, even when everything feels severely limited? Or is fear, misinformation, drama, worry and doubt winning us over?

Can we look to mamma nature🍃 right now and consider that everything is changing all the time and how we deal with that change is what will reveal who we all really are?
So, the nudge to myself (and to you if you’ll allow me) is to work to Illuminate through these dark times, stay true to who I am and reach deeper into the fullest, best version of myself.

I intend to do my best to stay enthusiastic, make the best of ‘what is’ and be open to figure things out along the way.
As we head into more restriction, more isolation the plan is simply to be present and be ready. Be ready for the opportunities, ready to serve you guys and anyone who is ready to learn more about Yoga as a life-enhancing practice.

Now is not the time to wait for harmony to return, but to create it for ourselves.
If that speaks to your character… I’ll see you in class.

Shine bright you lovely lot!