YOGI IN TRAINING BLOG: The entrepreneurial adventures of a Yogi in Training.

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A never-ending story.

Does anybody have it all figured out? Got it together? Sealed the deal, nailed it down, have it locked and loaded? Really? Does anybody know what they are supposed to be doing? Do you?

Well I don’t. And you know what? I think it’s ok not to have the answers – all the whys. No one does.

What I do know for sure is that I like to ask questions, experience everything I can, explore and learn and that’s always a good place to start.

That’s how Yogi in Training came about – a blog that first made key stroke to blank page in 2013, when I was in a previous life. (It’s right here for the curious among you). It started life obscurely and anonymously on WordPress, and had no grand plan, other than to pander to my new-found but also deep-seated personal pull to grow, evolve, and answer my whys around yoga and living authentically.

The Bigger Why

I was also going with an idea, a hope perhaps, that writing was my gift and sharing that gift was what I am here to do – my bigger why if you like. You see, in my professional life I was a writer, a journalist and yet I was feeling far from in flow, abundance or fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Funny how things go… because a month after that first Yogi In Training blog post, I quit my job. But more than that, I turned heels on a career I’d dreamed of since the Daily Planet’s feisty Louis Lane laid eyes on Superman (and he undressed her with his see-all vision). Who wouldn’t want to be that girl? Ahem…

Anyhow, one, two, skip a few and today I’m a business owner/creative female entrepreneur, a qualified yoga teacher with certifications in the healing science of Ayurveda and fitness walking to boot. I also have a great gig at one of, if not, the UK’s most exclusive detox and weight loss retreats.

The Yogi in Training blog found a new online home here at www.yogalocal.co.uk  (a little more publically – although you’d still have to be a friend or a family member to want to find it and read it) and it was kind of parked.  I moved on to writing other stuff. No more me and training to be a yogi.

Why? Because I’m supposed to know what I’m doing now right? The Yogi in Training got trained. Duh…I’d say I was stupid, but that’s a limiting belief I’m trying not to believe in anymore.

So now I’m calling that out for what it is – resistence and an excuse.  An excuse not to write about me. And that’s because, quite frankly, it’s hard. I’m used to being the one holding the pen, that asks the questions, writes the stories – not the one answering the questions, on the page, the one in the story.

Play Bigger

So why the turnaround? Is it easy now. No, I wish. The pull is largely down to Carrie Green author of She Means Business a new book that Amazon brought to me this week – an impulse buy. As I’m reading she’s reminding me about how life is constantly nudging us all to play bigger, to share our messages, to turn our ideas into reality, to chase our dreams.

This week’s inspiring read

It’s been my nudge. I’ve been thinking about my bigger why, and the motivation behind Yogi in Training – the blog.

Start and Keep Going

Looking back at when I wrote that first post, I was fascinated about what it meant to be a Yogi, how to live life authentically and in balance (as my life at the time was so far from it). To be honest the idea I could ever call myself a yogi seemed ludicrous… it still does really.  OK, that may sound odd as (yes I know) I’m a yoga teacher now – it’s official. But I would readily and speedily add that I’m still a student and always will be. And that’s great by the way as it fuels a deep-seated need to avoid stagnation, standing still, doing the same old, same old. Urghh. Nothing for me is a bigger motivator for taking action. You must start, and keep going. Do or die.

So, I’m on it…I’m not ready to give up and die…yet. Yogi in Training the blog is coming back.

Thanks to Carrie Green and others who are inspiring my life right now, Mastin Kipp, Marie Forleo, to name a couple, I’m getting the message that playing small, hiding at the back, is no way to live your life or fulfil your dreams. To make your mark, make a difference you need to move past the fears and doubts that get in the way. You need to get out of your own way and show up. (Gulp)

So even if I don’t have all the answers, even if I don’t know what I’m doing all the time, even if people think I’m crazy, even if people don’t like what I write, even if you laugh, you tell me it’s not good enough, I’m going to breathe deep and lean in the direction of where I feel I need to stretch myself and just carry on writing – about me and my adventures as an entrepreneur and yogi in training.

Indulge Me

I have no idea how this will roll. I’m imagining no two posts will be the same but they will be real, authentic and probably rather raw. I will also acknowledge right here, that anything I put out there will likely be written more and speak more to me than possibly anyone who may read it/see it. But I’m going with it. Indulge me. If nothing else, it will help make me more accountable and drive me forward in my desire to be the best version of me – as both a teacher and student of yoga as well as a female entrepreneur trying to make her way in the yoga business world. If you also find these posts of service – great. If not, that’s great too. I invite anyone to take what serves and leave what doesn’t.

Distractions to write are many – say hello to my cat Lula.

It’s my belief we are all yogis – in training. Some of us are even more yogi than the yogis who call themselves yogis, they just don’t know it…or call it that…but it’s what it is, and it’s in everyone. I see it. Awareness does that for you, I can recommend you try it.

Before I go… let’s bring this back to you for a second.

Have you parked your dreams, lost sight of a goal or just given up on it? Are you stuck, and feel like you don’t know what you’re doing or why? I hope you can see you’re not alone. Can I tempt you to make your own commitment, right now, to do one thing that feels scary, impossible, or even pointless, that moves you a tiny bit closer from point A to point B. Just start. Make it small. That’s ok. Live your adventure…what else is there to do? Get going.