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YOGA & GONG | Sound Healing
Practice Stage 1

Class Description

Explore more with our Yoga & Gong Bath. Sound is a form of energy. It can shatter and destroy. It can be used to heal. It has pitch, volume tone and connects us to the elements and higher states of consciousness. By going back to the primal nature of sound and the vibration of Mantra this Yoga and Gong class works to re-align and cleanse your inner energy on a deeper level.

Pick this class if you:

  • Want to explore sound vibration and the healing effects on the mind and body.
  • Have begun to commit to a practice of Asana (Poses), Pranayama (Breathwork) and Meditation.
  • Can embrace Yoga as a spiritual practice.
  • Are truly ready to discover your full potential.

Practice Stage 1

Class Description

This a class for men who are interested in Yoga but don’t know where to start. If you’re a beginner with little experience, this friendly and non-competitive class will introduce you to the practice. 
Expect classic yoga postures that will teach you how to stretch, strengthen and align your body and get to work on different breathing techniques that will either invigorate and energise or bring clarity and calmness. 
Taught by Charlie Carter, who has more than 40 years yoga practice and teaching experience.

Pick this class if you:

  • Need support making your first steps into class
  • Want simple and sufficiently challenging poses
  • Seek variations for body types, abilities and reasons for coming
  • Want break downs of poses step-by-step
  • Desire simple cues and clear demos
  • Are seeking uncomplicated transitions

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Winter Wellness

A fully immersive wellness retreat designed to help you unwind, relax and align your body, mind and spirit to nature’s natural rhythms. St Nectan’s Glen, off the coast of North Cornwall, is nature’s perfect getaway. 

Immerse into a four-day programme of yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic practices and discover a complete science of balanced living. As you eliminate your daily stress and find a more natural rhythm, your mind and body can begin to function with maximum effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness.

A seven-day yoga and meditation retreat designed to help you unplug from life’s ‘white noise’ and retune your body, mind and spirit to the natural beat of the universe.

Not only will you fly home with a more physically strong, flexible, and balanced body, you’ll return with a complete science of balanced living and a path to knowing your best Self and creating success in all areas of your life – that’s relationships, spiritual connection and emotional, physical and material wellbeing. (Surfing is optional).

Yoga Local Brew Bar

Think that good coffee has to be made with a machine? Think again.

At Yoga Local we are now serving hand-poured coffee, dripped slowly (3 min brew time to be precise) using filtered water (boiled to exactly 94 C) and that doesn’t just get ensure a great brew, but sits right with our values here at the studio, which is to always question, where’s the rush?

Pick the YL Brew Bar if you:

  • Want organic coffee, freshly roasted to strict criteria just a few hundred yards across from the studio at The Roastery, Nene Court.
  • Want a brew that’s  high in antioxidants, that fights inflammation and keeps you healthy by protecting your cells from damage.
  • Demand a coffee that’s free of harmful pesticides that can have both harmful effects on your health, as well as your environment.