Feeding An Imbalance | Yoga For Balance

Is it right? Or is it feeding an imbalance?

Did you know when we are out of balance we tend to stay out of balance. To the point where someone’s ‘out of balanced’ state might actually feel (at least to them)… balanced, even good. 

This is us feeding an imbalance…

It is not good. It’s a lie people fall asleep to night after night. And if you’re wondering why we’d do that to ourselves, hear me out.

I was drawn, and still am drawn, to dynamic, strong movement. No pain no gain! I’m an 80s chick. I got the T-shirt. Plus, it’s not the easiest pattern of thinking to shift.

But what I get now, thanks to studying, practicing and teaching yoga, is that being drawn to dynamic work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what someone needs. At least not all the time.


Well if you’re disconnected from your body and your mind is on a constant spin cycle of external noise, repetitive mental garbage and socially conditioned thought patterns… if you are disconnected from your energy needs in the moment, then balance has already abandoned you….as the song goes, ‘It don’t live here anymore’.

In short, your imbalance has become your new normal and you’re probably not making many good choices for yourself.

We really all need to be looking to up level our immunity and make better choices, when we next choose how to serve ourselves through physical movement could we become more curious and ask ourselves a few deeper questions?

My short podcast video below talks about this in more depth…


A blog I wrote 2 years ago explains this whole concept in more depth. Have a read and consider what you may be feeding into that really isn’t balancing you out! 

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