Need Help Finding Space In Your Day?

Finding Space You Need in Your Day to Prioritise Your Wellbeing | FREE PDF ritual planner and habit tracker.

Finding space is so important. As a practice of union, Yoga has got me to slow down and step out of speed cycle that was at times addictive, restless and unhealthy.  🤒

Now I get that the more we take on, the more difficult it is to get off our speed mills.  

Life just gets fuller and fuller, and you just have to keep running to keep up. 🏃🏻‍♀️ The more we run, the more we lose our way.

We deplete our inner resources (our bodies) and our external resources (the planet). Do you see it?


Speed is addictive.

It’s a rush of activity that feels necessary, but it plays havoc with our physiology in the form of anxiety, stress, inflammation of our tissues, glands and nervous system.

What we need now, more than ever, is to be pulled out of this speed vortex and get back into a more natural rhythm, one that respects our body, the seasons, our environment and (dare I say it) the universe. 😍

I know, it sounds impossible. It’s not.

It just takes discipline and maybe someone to help you out of it. To create space for new ideas, thinking, reflection and direction. 

If you want help out of your speed vortex, I have created something that will help you get started. A pdf guide with easy steps to help you find space in your day to slow down and reconnect.👇

Inside you will discover how to create rituals for finding space, such as:
  • Starting Your Day with Intention
  • Connecting Mind and Body
  • Recharging Your Energy and Creativity
  • Cultivating Joy and Abundance
  • Reconnecting with the Earth
  • Nourishing Your Body and Mind with Mindful Eating
  • Letting Go of the Day and Finding Peace

And, it’s totally free.

What I really want is to find and connect with people who are ready to find another way of moving through life. Maybe that’s you? Or it’s someone you know. In which case hit the share button before getting the pdf.

Here’s to finding space to change course…let me know what you think. 🙏👇

Josie x

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