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Ramp up some summer self-lovin with these 3 simple steps

Flip flops and (come to think of it), handbags too. I just lurrrve.

Ask me why… OK I’m imagining you’re asking (I like to ‘see’ you as I’m writing this stuff – else sometimes this blogging thing can feel a little crazy). Anyways, the answer is…they always fit. Right? You don’t dig around in your shoe stack and hope you’re going to get back into your fave flops. At least that’s never happened to me.

So, girls (and boys if you’re out there) you’re flip flops are always good to go…each summer. Ready, steady. They’re ready to rock. Question is, are you?

Now, I’ve spent way too much of my own life worrying about what I look like and quite frankly, it sucks. I’m not here to tap into your insecurities. I could find enough of my own, so I’m not digging that rabbit hole any deeper. No, no, no.

I’m going to flip flop this around and come at you from a different angle. Why would you not be ready? You rock, no question. That’s it. End of…do they still say that? Well I just did.

You, your body, your mind are a marvel

You can blush, argue, defend, get me in a headlock, whatever…but before you do just consider that you have it ALL going on and you have done since day dot. It’s all right there. You, your body, your mind are a marvel.

Think about it scientifically, if you will. Practically everything that makes you, you is energy and information (ask Einstein). Every molecule, cell, organ, neuron – it’s all made from the same stuff.

What’s more, all this energy and information is perfectly organised and working as one to support one thing…you got it. YOU!  It seriously blows my mind when I think how much goes into keeping me/you/every living thing on the planet alive. Someone/something thought we were worth all that creativity, functionality and support. So, don’t you owe it to yourself to feel the same?

What your are, is, incredible

Now this kind of thinking can send you in a spin. You’re maybe not used to getting down to the nuts and bolts of who you are and heapin some lovin’ on your great Self. But what you are, is, incredible. And THAT’S your starting point. It’s all our starting points.

So, my yogi friend, knowing that, maybe what you need to ask yourself is how are your managing all that incredible energy and information of yours? If your mind, body and every cell supporting it is your team, how are you as it’s leader? Are you consciously working to support yourself, or are you guilty of putting the proverbial spanner in the works?

Yoga has taught me and continues to teach me that being crazy self-critical, over analytical, bitter, angry and unkind to myself simply doesn’t work as a strategy for improving my wellbeing. Duh. But we all do it, right?

Through self-discovery, and coming back to the idea of yoga as a practice of bringing balance back to our life it’s time to understand that some of these behaviours have been learned and reinforced for decades, for whatever reason. And they don’t serve us. Am I right?

Pheww, if you’re still with me, I’m hopeful that I’ve at least planted a seed that wherever you are in your life, however old you are, no matter how much you weigh, whatever you look like, or the job you have, you are alive and full of potential to take on your next moment and move it someplace fresh. So long as you have the breath in you, you are connected to something bigger, more creative, than we have yet the science to explain. How you choose to tap into that potential is the game changer.

Yoga and Meditation are both tools that anchor you back to your creativity and potential, and I’m here to share those tools with you.

Ok, back to the flip flops. They are ready, you are ready. We just need to remove what might be getting in the way of you stepping into your greatest potential.

As Sia puts it: “I’m free to be the greatest – I’m alive.” Love that track. Full on volume every time.

So, ask yourself, at this particular time of year what could be at play when the following happens.

  1. You’re getting angry at virtually anything and you hate yourself for it.
  2. You’re unusually frustrated with your level of fitness.
  3. You’re obsessing about your body.
  4. You fall into heated arguments that flare up, seemingly at the drop of a hat, and it doesn’t feel good once you’ve torched your village.

What if I told you that nature itself could be at play when we find ourselves super hot-headed, critical and over intense? Yep, really. It’s not necessarily your fault. As the elements of heat and dryness in your external environment ramp up, they also accumulate in your body and mind. Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, calls this Pitta Dosha.

As you transition into the summer season you simply need a strategy to offset this over accumulation of heat and dryness in your outside world and bring in the opposite quality (moisture and coolness) into your inside world to reclaim your happy place.

You achieve balance and maximise your health and vitality.

When you do this more frequently in your life you return to your awesome, grounded self. You achieve balance and maximise your health and vitality. Sound good? Sound straight-forward?

Great. It should be EXACTLY that. Maximum benefit, minimum effort. It’s nature’s way.

Now it’s time to make those adjustments to your life that will bring you back to balance, feeling fantastic and as ready to go as your trusty flip flops.

Check out these three fundamental and straight-forward adjustments you can make today.


Stay cool and relaxed. Don’t take things too seriously and notice when you try to control situations and how that can send your temperature soaring. So much energy and heat goes into upholding your own sense of importance. Energy you can put to better use. So, remove yourself from drama, find space and simply breath. If you can find time to meditate, great. Start with 5 minutes. (Yes, you can be still – no excuses). I have your back. On my blog you will find 7 Steps to a Meditation Practice. To get that go right here.


Approach life with a little more ease. The mediterranians have this sewn up right? The place pretty much shuts down during the hottest hours of a summer’s day. Take a leaf. Don’t go too hard or too fast when it’s hot out. In your yoga practice you can also think about balancing heat building poses with cooling forward bends and easy twists. We’ll be working on this in the Flip Flop Ready Yoga Programme. More on that here.


Drink plenty of liquids (water) and eat cooling foods that are naturally moist (cucumber, melon, celery).  Start to observe the effect foods have on you. Some will create excess heat like mustard, curry, paprika, to name a few.

If you have excess heat in the body it will show up in your mind and body – so pay attention.  If you start experiencing rashes, acidity, diarrhoea or notice your becoming hot-tempered, angry, you may have too much heat in your system.  If you are having gas/bloating/constipation or dry skin, it’s likely you are quite literally ‘drying out’. So, moisturise and hydrate the body (and that means outside and in).

These are really important adjustments. I use them every single time I notice I’m getting a little hot and bothered. I hope you will start to use them as well.

I’ve got more where they came from too, so before we wrap up, I have something else to talk to you about.

If you are interested in getting your head on straight for the summer and are ready to ramp up some self lovin’, I have created a yoga programme just for you.

I’ve called in The Flip Flop Ready Yoga Programme and it’s a specially designed five-week programme that will teach you strategies to help you mellow out, cool off, lighten up, and coast your way through the summer feeling absolutely fabulous.

You can find all the details of each hour-long yoga session right here.

There you have it. Did you have a few ah-ha moments. I hope so. Feel free to share them in the comments box below. Don’t be shy, shine.

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Thanks for staying with me. I hope to see you in my class soon where we will get to dive even deeper into yoga and it’s many wellbeing tools and practices. Have a wonderful week/life. I can’t wait to connect with you again next time. Bye for now.