Food for Thought | Meet Kerry

Let's Team Up With Businesses That Matter

Meet Kerry Leese on this weeks podcast! Neighbour to our Yoga studio here at Nene Court, and founder of Food for Thought! A reuse, refill, and recycling business. 

If you want to help the environment and believe that caring for our planet is important, you’ll love this!

She runs an emporium filled with food, cleaning, personal hygiene and home products. Amoungst that, lots of organic and lots of local produce to choose from!

She also organises workshops about the environment and wellbeing. This is a business really passionate about making a change…

Check out her website here 👈👈👈

food for thought

What is Food For Thought?

To dive deeper into what this business is about, tune in to our podcast below for a light-hearted but deeply passionate, funny and honest conversation.

You’ll discover what’s she’s working to build is really way more than an eco shop – it’s a mini wellness movement, right here in Wellingborough. 

It is also grounded in a community much like our own – that recognises we can achieve way more together than if we just attempt to work at something alone.

Why introduce Food For Thought?

Our businesses have similar goals, values and struggles. We also have passion as entrepreneurs, that often gets lost as we go up against the ‘noise’ and volume of ‘the big guys’ to get ourselves heard and seen!

My intention is to combine our voices so we can support each other in pursuit of what we say matters and in some way grow our impact and volume out there!

We’ve talked about Accountability in class throughout August, and it felt right to hold myself up and be accountable for how we as a business support those to continue to do their good work.

What you do matters!

Listen up, we’ll do what we can, can you do what you can, however small, even if it’s just liking this post! It matters! 

Your support matters, in fact – everything you do, not matter how small, has significance. Let’s act, let’s make a difference.

Watch the podcast below to meet Kerry and hear more about what she is doing to encourage change.
If you want to learn more about how Food For Thought works and how you can start shopping this way, check out the website for a step-by-step on shopping with them
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