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Everyone likes a little extra on the side yes? So here’s an idea, and let me know if it’s of value (don’t leave me hanging out here, I want to know).

You see, my big wish is that you, as a yogi-in-training, connect to your practice not just in class but back home too.

So, ta dah…. I’ve created the Yoga Local Class Takeaway. There’s no fortune cookies with this takeaway (sorry) but what I do have is a snapshot of what was covered in class, and reminder of the asana (poses) you got to experience.

It’s all in this blog post, but you can download it as a pdf too and maybe start to create your own personal library, logging your achievements, what you learned, how the practice left you feeling and all that good stuff that keeps you motivated to grow and evolve.

This is a first stab at something, so it may change. That being said, if there’s anything you’d like to be included in future takeaways… let me know (no request for chips – please!!!)… 😂


Don’t forget to comment below or email me at josie@yogalocal.co.uk


Yoga Local Programme: Yoga for Athletes

Class:Yoga Rehab/Post Run Recovery

Date: 23/4/2018

Class covered:

  • Fascia release
  • Use of anatomy lines to improve range of motion.
  • Poses to heat the body
  • Poses to release
  • Poses to find stillness
  • Meditation

Yoga Class Decoder: Fascia

Fascia can be thought of as a body wide extra cellular net that knits us (our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones) together – it’s our shape shifter.

In trauma (over exercising for example) the fascia gets stuck. The discomfort you feel in yoga can be the stretching of fascia past another, breaking that up, taking those adhesions and opening them up.

It was once thought that this tissue was just the packing material that goes around our organs and tissues but now it’s thought to be an independent regulatory system too (groovy 😝). Some say emotions, belief systems, consciousness ride this connective tissue. Which is an interesting thought! What do you think?

Class Asana in Brief:

Heat (H) Release (R) Stillness (S)

Childs Pose to Plank Flow (H)

Down Dog to Plank Flow (H)

Warrior Flow (H)

Spiral Forward Fold (R)

Tortoise Fold (R)

Reclining Big Toe Pose and Variations With Strap (R)

Knee Down Twist (R)

Corpse Pose (S)

Mediation/Heavy Body Visualisation. (S)

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