You know Yoga’s all about balance right?

Well, if you’ve been in class you’ll have witnessed some imbalance about my person… way too much water and earth in my ‘mix’ has been generating a lovely cold, flu-type concoction of mucus, sniffles, coughs and the like… it’s not been pretty. Again… I’m sorry but it’s not me… it’s my nature.. and it’s the nature of the weather we’ve been experiencing..coincidence??.

I could keep you here for hours on this topic.. however… to explain briefly…. it’s winter and as our external environment shifts, so do we (we are born in nature and of nature) and if (like me) you’re body type tends to hold water and weight! any extra water and earth in the elements lands like a lead balloon and kicks me in to touch… out of bounds… do not pass go… do not collect £200… I’m out for the count…

Nature knows best

If I’ve not been taking care of myself, nature has a way of saying… I told you so… boy….you’d think I’d learn… but the human that is me is still practicing… and doing her best…

What I do know is that when I’m on form, it’s because I’ve been respectful of the shifts that are occurring and taking care of myself with good nutrition, sleep, yoga and meditation at the core of it all.

Ayuverda, the sister science to Yoga and an ancient system of healing and health, encourages a practice of cleansing during these seasonal shifts – lightening the load, reigniting our digestive fire, getting back on form, working with nature to find balance.

So, I need some of that right now… and maybe you do too… which is why I’ve got in touch with my former Homefield Grange Detox and Weight Loss Retreat buddy, Judy Merrick, (pictured) an expert nutrionist and natropath (amongst other incredible things) to come and host a workshop for us here at Nene Court – at our studio and at a gorgeous onsite Bella Barista training room and kitchen (pictured).

Using juices, smoothies and soups made from fresh, natural ingredients can give a great boost to your health and wellbeing. But I often see that many of us are confused about how to work out if our cleanse is making us healthier or depleting our energy.

Sound like you?

Did you know that doing it the wrong way can just end up giving you a massive hit of sugar. But, do it the right way, and it’s like a vitamin infusion – nutrients delivered instantly to your cells in a very bio-available format. Boom!

On this workshop you will get loads of ideas and the confidence to create some lovely juices, smoothies and soups using ingredients specifically chosen for the winter season – which is all part of a yogi (and Ayurvedic) way of living.

So if you’re still reading this.. .and I’ve whetted your appetite for knowing more… here’s the content…


• Juice or Smoothie – what’s the difference?
• The pros and cons of Juices and Smoothies
• The ratio of veg to fruit and what veggies and fruits are easy to juice/smoothie
• Demonstration of making a juice
• Demonstration of making a smoothie
• Discussion of optional extras e.g. superfood powders
• Talk through a soup idea – (Spicy Butternut Squash Soup).
• Benefits of calorie restriction/intermittent fasting
• Benefits of a fasting/detox days using juices, smoothies & soups
• How to incorporate juices/smoothies into every-day life
• FREE goodie bag to get you started

PLUS, I’ll be refunding £7 off the £47 ticket price to those on the workshop who want to join me for Yoga that evening! Not a bad way to end a day of Reseting, Restoring and Replenishing…

Ahh… feel better already…

If you want to come here’s the link to the event.

Please share it out there.. but places are limited… so don’t wait to get your seat…

Love J X 🙏🧡