It’s getting hot in here! Announcing TWO new summer yoga programmes.

TWO new summer yoga programmes coming soon…things are hotting up, but stay cool.

Hellloooo. Exciting news. I’ve just wrapped up the details on two new summer yoga programmes. First up, we’ll be ramping up some summer self-lovin’ during a five class practice that will find you Flip Flop Ready, no sweat.

I have a yoga strategy that will help you breeze through the summer and overcome the over accumulation of the seasonal heat and dryness.

So if you’re:

  1. Getting angry at virtually anything and you hate yourself for it.
  2. Unusually frustrated with your level of fitness.
  3. Obsessing about your body.
  4. Falling into heated arguments that flare up, seemingly at the drop of a hat, and it doesn’t feel good once you’ve torched your village.

This is the class for you. Go here for dates and times.

This is not the only yoga inspired strategy on offer this summer. I’ve also created a special five class programme for athletes/active folks looking to train smart, set priorities and stay on track as the holiday season threatens to unravel their hard-earned fitness gains.

It’s called Yoga for Athletes. Summer Strategies for Yogis-in-Training.

Get your name down for this one if you:

  1. Want to maintain and build muscle strength so you can pick up more quickly from any holiday down time.
  2. Want to avoid a holiday fitness hangover
  3. Use the season to maximise the rewards of recovery and work through injuries and niggles.
  4. Unlearn behaviours that throw you off you’re A-game when the heat is on.

Dates and times on this series are right here.

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I’d love to hear from you, chat and take feedback. So, if you want to talk to me or have a question, click here.

Until next time, sending good vibes your way.
Josie X