Here’s how we beat the cost of living crisis together!

Hey friends. 👋

Ok, so the yoga tradition teaches us that we can’t change some things, but we can ALWAYS choose how to respond! How to take action – right action!

This is what we train for as yogis – coincidently or maybe not, this is what we’re training for this month!

So let’s put that to practical use.

We can meet this cost of living crisis where it’s at and do what we can to respond to it without losing our heads.

No one want’s to put prices up – so what else can we sensibly do to keep all of us.

  1.  Practicing!
  2. Resilient!

How about?

  1. Reward you for spreading the word (££££).
  2. Give you some help paying for the odd class or two!
  3. Get more people on mats and joining our community to make our business more resilient through tough times.

Sound a plan??

Oh – wait a minute we already do that! ;))

But how many of you ACTUALLY doing it? Can we get you into action!

Your Challenge

Here’s a little challenge for you.

Find 5 people in your contacts and send them your unique referral code (see the video on how to find yours). Friends, colleagues, family your accountant, your hairdresser – whoever!

Please do it now, before your mind moves to something else. 😉 Act now!

Thanks guys! 🙏