How do you become a yogi? What’s the plan?

How do you become a Yogi? Is it something you train for – set goals, work up a schedule… What steps are required to make it happen, what order, for how long?
I like, no LOVE, lists. If I’m starting something I always have list and a plan. Whether that’s a 12 week triathlon training plan, a mental life plan plotting my career, when I’ll marry, have kids or whether it’s my next get-skinny-quick plan. And, to be fair, plans have served me well on the whole.
Nevertheless, I’ve not long set my intentions (kind of a plan) and cast them into the field of possibilities. Deepak has told me to let nature correlate the details… so should that be me done with plans now? I’m not so sure.
I’ve already learned Yoga is more than asanas and downward dogs. It’s a way of life, a philosophy. Anyone can practice it. So, something tells me rocking up once or twice a week to a yoga class is not going to be enough to get rid of all my past conditioning so I can develop new positive ways of living.
If I want to shake off all that doesn’t serve me on my yoga path and achieve true transformation, there’s going to be some hard graft and devotion required to get me there, just like there’s been with any other goal I’ve ever set myself.
I think I need to make a list…

  • When do I practice?
  • How long do I practice?
  • How much do I blog about my practice?
  • What might others find interesting to read about my practice?
  • When do I mediate?
  • How long for and where?
  • What do I learn about first?
  • Which books do I read?
  • Where can I find others like me who can keep me motivated on my yoga path?
  • What kit do I need?

As this list comes together it’s feeling not so dissimilar to the one I pulled together for my recent marathon training. That was one huge achievement for me and one I’m thankful for having the experience of  simply because it’s got me to this point.  And, if I can take some of the discipline and belief that got me across that finish line and use it in my yoga practice, it’s just possible I might reach my next destination. A place of balanced living, happiness and success in all areas of my life. A yogic life. That’s the plan!