How little changes amount to big benefits

The Law of Least Effort has been at work.  And that’s not even a sarcastic nod to the fact that I’ve not been blogging about what life’s been like ‘living with Deepak’.  Just lately I’ve been too busy clapping along with Pharrell Williams…because I’m happy…. and yes, I do feel like a room without a roof.

How’s that possible, when did it happen? Ok, it’s not been an overnight thing, but when I went back to an old meditation with Deepak on Perfect Health it hit me what might have been at play these last couple of months.

What I think has been happening is I’ve been building my matrix. Slowly, gradually I’ve been making changes, exploring new habits and building an environment where my mind can consciously and freely choose the most beneficial things that will restore and maintain balance in my life. 

I’ve been feeling my heart and choosing to listen to it.  That’s what’s been giving me my direction.

And it’s taken me to all sort of great places – with seemingly no effort, no struggle.

Deepak is so right when he says little changes can amount to big benefits. I’m convinced that my Yoga practice is helping me find my way in life and I’m not even conscious of how at times. It just happens. Just as a flower doesn’t struggle to open up to the sun… As I said… the Law of Least Effort must be at work.

Here’s my interpretation of how Deepak wants us to put this fab Law into effect.

1. Accept stuff – don’t struggle against the moment. Accept things as they are, not as you wish they were.

2. Take responsibility for how things are  – don’t blame anyone (including yourself) and turn problems into opportunities.

3.  Let your guard down. Be open to other points of view and don’t be rigid to any one.