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Contemplate In Yoga

Contemplation is an essential tool to take your Yoga practice to the next level. We create a tranquil mind through our practice and contemplate what it is we want to understand. 

This takes us closer to the traditional teachings. 

This week we are bringing contemplation into our Asana (posture) practice as a tool to open us up to new ways of thinking. 

How to contemplate in Yoga:

We can bring contemplation into our practice when we can hold ourselves in steadyness and ease throughout our posture work. We want to be dropping these contemplations into our head-space from a tranquil, calm mind.

So, to contemplate in Yoga we need to figure out what it is we want to understand. Then we must lose any attachments to what we already know about it. Finally we create a tranquil mind and contemplate on this idea. 

In our practice hold ourselves in static postures for longer so we can drop into presence. Therefore, we can mentally contemplate from this stable and calm space. The more tranquil the mind, the easier we will find it to hear our inner voice, the quicker we will know the answers.

Why we are contemplating this week:

BHAVANA is the creative force we are looking at this week, it is one of the 4 Sanskrit terms for imagining. This is the combination of idea, vision and feeling to manifest your soul aligned dreams. 

To access Bhavana, we need to be more aligned with the Yogic worldview that we are all conscious awareness. So we need to take ourselves to a place where we are completely open, so that we may contemplate on this idea and begin to understand it more.

Contemplation can open us up to the wisdom of our inner self, and once we are connected to this higher sense of self we can start to manifest our reality more artfully through accessing Bhavana.

Steps for you to contemplate:

Want to know how to contemplate in Yoga? Watch the podcast to get the steps from Josie! Also join us for class next week where contemplation will be the focus of practice.

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