How to Make your Dreams your Reality

How Bhavana Can Turn Your Wildest Dreams into Your Everyday Reality? 

What would be possible if you knew could get the best answers for the way forward in any given moment. Would it lead to deeper trust in yourself and trust in the flow of creative intelligence? 

Welcome to the Yoga Local podcast, where today we’re diving into the depths of a concept Yogis call Bhavana.  

Think of it as a way of unlocking creative power and a stronger spiritual connection. And trust me, your life can be utterly transformed when you start tapping into this in practice – we’re talking next-level living here. 

Stick around, and by the end of this session, you’ll know exactly what Bhavana is and how to start weaving it into your daily life.  


What is Bhavana? The Art of Manifestation Through Yogic Contemplation 

Bhavana, the Sanskrit gem, translates to “development” or “cultivation” and is a core component of traditional practice. Let’s be clear – this isn’t about fluffing around with daydreams. Bhavana is a deliberate, meditative practice where you visualise and emotionally connect with a desired state or outcome. It’s about calling something into existence through the power of yogic contemplation and visioning. In essence, Bhavana is like turning your mind into a laser-focused creativity machine with a side of deep emotional oomph. And who wouldn’t want to bring a bit of magic into their everyday life? 

The Significance of Bhavana : Aligning Personal Intentions with Universal Energy 

In the world of yoga, Bhavana is more than just positive thinking. It’s a transformative process that aligns your personal intentions with the universal creative power. This practice bridges the gap between what you could consider the mundane (everyday existence) and the divine (spiritual awareness), enabling you to manifest your desires by tapping into the infinite potential of your mind and spirit.  

Imagine having the capacity to bridge that gap! By doing this work, you’re not just hoping for change – you’re actively co-creating your reality. 

Understanding the Mechanics of Bhavana 

To truly get Bhavana, we need to break it down into bite-sized pieces: 

  • Idea: The intellectual aspect of what you want to create or achieve. 

  • Vision: The mental image or scenario you vividly visualise. 

  • Feeling: The emotional connection and resonance with your vision. 

These elements work together to create a powerful force that can bring your visions to life. The emotional quality, or Bhava, gives Bhavana its unique power, making it a holistic approach involving the mind, heart, and spirit. This isn’t just about thinking nice thoughts – it’s about feeling your way into a new reality and letting that energy transform your life. 

Practical Applications of Bhavana 

Now, let’s talk details– how do you actually use Bhavana in your daily life? Here are some exercises to get you started: 

  1. Daily Visualisation Practice: 

  • Set aside a few minutes each day to sit in a quiet place. No excuses – you can do this. 

  • Close your eyes and take deep, calming breaths. Yes, deep ones. None of that shallow breathing business. 

  • Visualise a specific goal or desire as vividly as possible. See it, feel it, and immerse yourself in the experience. No half-hearted attempts – go all in. 

  • Connect emotionally with your vision. Feel the joy, satisfaction, and peace as if it has already happened. Embrace it like you would a long-lost friend. 

  1. Affirmations with Emotion: 

  • Choose affirmations that resonate with your goals. Not just any old words – ones that hit you right in the feels. 

  • As you repeat these affirmations, engage your emotions fully. Believe in the truth of your words and feel the corresponding emotions deeply. Make it count. 

  1. Creative Journaling: 

  • Write down your visions and goals in detail. Don’t skimp on the adjectives. 

  • Describe not just what you want, but how achieving it makes you feel. Get into it. 

  • Revisit these journal entries regularly and add new insights and emotions. Keep it fresh. 

Practical Exercises to Elevate Your Daily Life 

Let’s bring Bhavana down to earth with some real-life scenarios: 

  1. Career Success: 

  • Imagine smashing a significant milestone in your career. Visualise every detail – the congratulatory messages, the sense of accomplishment, the impact on your life. 

  • Feel the pride and excitement as if it’s happening right now. This emotional connection fuels your motivation and aligns your actions towards this goal. Picture this: your next promotion, your dream job, or even starting your own business. By living in that feeling now, you’re setting the stage for it to become reality. 

  1. Healthy Relationships: 

  • Visualise a harmonious relationship with a loved one. See the positive interactions, the mutual respect, and the joy you share. 

  • Experience the warmth and love in your heart, strengthening your bond and guiding your behaviour towards nurturing this relationship. Imagine your relationships being filled with understanding, joy, and love. By seeing and feeling it, you’re creating it. 

  1. Personal Well-being: 

  • Picture yourself in perfect health and well-being. Visualise engaging in activities that bring you joy and vitality. 

  • Feel the energy, happiness, and peace that come with this state, motivating you to make healthier choices daily. Think about waking up every day feeling vibrant and full of life. This isn’t just a dream – with Bhavana, it’s within your grasp. 

By integrating Bhavana into your daily life, you can harness the power of creative visualisation and emotional resonance to manifest your desires and connect with your infinite nature.  

Imagine being able to actively shape your world and experience it with a sense of purpose and joy. We use this sort of imagination to experience ourselves differently, become one with the universal creative power, and truly manifest our worlds. 

Stay tuned and may your journey into Bhavana bring you closer to your highest self. Now, get out there and make it happen! 


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